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LOOK: The Body Shop drops new wellness-focused range that nurtures the human spirit

LOOK: The Body Shop drops new wellness-focused range that nurtures the human spirit

Highlighting transformative beauty rituals of sleep, boost, and breathe

One’s wellness is talked about and discussed in depth today more than ever. People are realizing how important self-care is and practicing healthy habits should be on top of one’s priorities.

Self-care and wellness come in different forms. One particular practice that yields comfort to many is a transformative grooming ritual. People start to take care of themselves and see the significance of how looking good contributes to feeling good.

With 46 years of expertise in grooming and beauty all while upholding an activist philosophy, The Body Shop broadens its range by offering their new capsule that focuses on wellness. For the brand, wellness is more than just a trend but it’s about helping people to recharge, reconnect, and re-energize in taking on everyday life.

“The wellness range is sourced in nature, developed by experts, with three transformative routines: sleep, boost and breathe,” describes The Body Shop about their new range. “Vegan certified, it is infused with powerful essential oils, carefully crafted into three new unique blends and tailored to vital needs. The sensorial textures elevate daily rituals and come in highly sustainable packaging, using premium glass and aluminum materials.”

The Body Shop Sleep Wellness range

The first range focuses on helping one get the rest the body needs. It helps with regulating sleep with the use of fragrant florals. The items are enriched with 100 percent natural and biodegradable lavender and vetiver essential oils clinically proven to help one sleep better. The range includes the Sleep Hair and Body Wash, Sleep Balmy Body Cream, Sleep Calming Pillow Mist, and Sleep Essential Oil. 

Boost Hair and Body Oil

The second offering blends cheerful citrus notes that help boost and uplift the mind and body. Mandarin and Bergamot scents are infused in the four-step routine products which includes Hair and Body Wash, Bouncy Boost Whipped Body Cream, Hair and Body Oil, and Essential Oil. 

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The Body Shop Breathe Wellness Range

The third and last range offers an opportunity to clear the mind with the use of 100 percent natural and biodegradable eucalyptus and rosemary. The weightless texture of the products helps one with breathing easily and calmly featuring Breathe Whisked Body Polish, Breathe Weightless Body Gel Cream, Breathe Essential Oil Blend, and Breathe Calm Balm.

The new Wellness Range: Sleep, Boost, and Breathe are available at The Body Shop stores and on its online store.

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