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WATCH: Paul Salas shows behind the scenes of new Bench Body campaign shoot

WATCH: Paul Salas shows behind the scenes of new Bench Body campaign shoot

The vlog also features Derrick Monasterio, Josh Barfuss, and David Licauco

Earlier this month, Bench Body launched a new range of vibrant, fun, and neon-colored undergarments. The campaign featured the brand’s hottest and in-demand endorsers including Derrick Monasterio, Josh Barfuss, David Licauco, and Paul Salas. In a vlog, Paul shared a behind-the-scenes look of what went down during the campaign shoot. 

Paul started off by touring his fans to the shoot area located at the Bench Tower in BGC. He also introduced some of the people behind the shoot from his makeup artist, photographer, stylist, and the team behind Bench. The actor also had a little chat with his fellow actor and endorser Derrick, recounting how he conditions himself with shoots that require them to showcase their hard-earned physique. 

Prior to the underwear shoot, Paul also showed his followers the grooming technique required to achieve his best look in undies. It required a little oil-rubbing, tanning, and a quick pump to give his muscles more bulk.  

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You can see all the group shots and other unpublished clips from the shoot through his Youtube video which you can find below: 

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