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Francis Libiran forwards opulent bespoke menswear with actor Darren Criss

Francis Libiran forwards opulent bespoke menswear with actor Darren Criss

Here are the many times Darren wore the designer’s pieces

Darren Criss looked dashing as he serenaded the world with his new festive album, “A Very Darren Crissmas.” The artist wore a custom Francis Libiran suit for the visuals of the Christmas album.  

Since getting acquainted during the 76th Golden Globes in 2019, the friendship of Darren and Franics blossomed to style collaborations in the past years. It is actually Darren’s third time wearing a Francis Libiran creation for his latest album. 

Criss has a very daring take in his style choices. He experiments with various themes which brings out his fun and bold side. Let’s take a look back at the many times Darren wore Francis’ creations. 

Darren Criss’ Christmas Album

For the album cover of “A Very Darren Crissmas,” he donned a wine and gray silk brocade suit with strategic sheens exhibiting just the right shine on camera. The suit’s wine velvet lapel was incorporated in the brocade material to create a vibrant contrast. 

“The suit’s texture made a big difference because we didn’t use conventional suit patterns. We made sure that his style was distinctive to let his audience marvel in the magnificence of the ensemble that mirrors his personality,” shared Francis.

Darren Criss in Barong Tagalog

Francis crafted two barong pieces for Darren’s wedding, but the Hollywood star opted to use them on two separate occasions. One for his wedding with Mia Swier, and the other one during The Outstanding Filipinos in America Awards (TOFA). 

“The barongs are handcrafted with the traditional piña fiber and accentuated with fine embroidery details that are reminiscent of tattoo patterns from the natives of Cebu known as the Pintados,” Francis noted. 

A bomber jacket for ‘Aladdin’ live action premiere

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During the Hollywood movie premiere of Disney’s “Aladdin” in 2019, Darren once again sported a Francis Libiran bespoke bejeweled bomber jacket, which the designer gifted to him when he visited the Philippines. 

“I wanted to revolutionize how bomber jackets are made and creating it with my signature art deco patterns intricately crafted with beaded embroidery actually made him look smashing!” said Francis.

Truly, Darren Criss and Francis Libiran have reinvented the concept of opulent bespoke clothing. Not only does these collaborations produce something that can revolutionize fashion, but it also proves yet again that #PinoyPride continues to make it big on the world stage. 

 “A Very Darren Crissmas” is now available on all musical platforms. 

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