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LOOK: Adidas drops ‘No-Dye Collection’

LOOK: Adidas drops ‘No-Dye Collection’

‘A collection that offers a new take on color’ 

“Our latest footwear collection offers a new take on color: you don’t always need it,” states Adidas, announcing the drop of the colorless line up. The selection which features two models, the Adicross ZX Primeblue and new ZG21 motion footwear for men and women, are said to be made up of the materials natural colorways. 

What does this mean? One of the ways to cut out the use of water is to not use conventional dyeing techniques. By this, Adidas saves water and energy by allowing these shoe models to use their materials’ natural colors and form as its “colors.”

“We’re continually evaluating ways to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to our products,” says Masun Denison, global director of footwear at Adidas Golf. “With this collection, we’re giving golfers another reason beyond just style and performance to feel good about the shoes they’re wearing.” 

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Aside from giving golfers a distinct look on the course, this project also helps Adidas with their aim to end plastic waste with the use of Primeblue and other recycled materials. 
Visit the Adidas website to learn more about the “No-Dye Collection.”

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