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These ethereal pieces of handmade jewelry from Elementari are just TDF

These ethereal pieces of handmade jewelry from Elementari are just TDF

Jewelry like it was ‘made by elves or aliens’

Meet the person behind Elementari, Kat Reyes, a former marketing strategist for a fashion brand who unintentionally started a business from a creative exercise back in 2017. Today, Elementari, a word play on elements and the rawness of the pieces, is a cult accessory brand known for ethereal pieces.

“I love all sorts of visual art, but I didn’t go to art school or fashion school,” confesses the designer. “I was never into jewelry before this. I think I was just playing around with wires and had an idea for a ring and some bracelets. I love how I can kind of sculpt them to look like liquid metal, and that these tiny objects can carry so much meaning.” 

Kat also shares her love for combining different and opposing ideas, texture, and materials which produced one of Elementari’s signatures, the “Fractured” concept. “I wanted to mimic the materials in their most basic, rawest form, so I would intentionally destroy polished gemstones and beads and set them in such a way that they look embedded or coming out of cracks in the metal. I would also manipulate the metal so that it’s dented or looks like it’s melting. The process of destroying something that society has deemed ‘precious,’ and the deformed result, go against the usual idea of jewelry,” notes the designer. 


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In this exclusive, Kat uncovers her artistry when it comes to Elementari. The designer also reveals her favorite piece from her brand as well as some recommendations for someone who wants to start a jewelry collection. Find our conversation below: 

What are your jewelry mostly made of?

It’s mostly sterling silver, but now I’m also working with 14k gold. I use natural gemstones like Australian opals, topaz, different colored sapphires, baroque pearls, and also lab-grown opals.

Do you have a favorite piece? 

The Abstract Ring is my favorite, because it can be anything I want. I get to express myself in that moment. I don’t design it beforehand, I just make it up as I go along. When clients order that, it’s a total surprise for them because there are no sketches, and each one is unique. So it means they trust me that much! I’m very grateful for that trust, and it becomes personal art for me, so I tend to put much more of myself into that piece.

Abstract ring in sterling silver

What would you recommend to a guy who wants to start wearing/stacking rings? 

I would like to see more men wearing colored gems, pearls, and chunky rings. Start with a good, chunky, pinky ring. It’s an excellent signature piece. It looks so boss, and I promise you — you’ll feel more powerful and confident.

What are you most proud of about your brand? 

People have said that it looks magical, like it was made by elves or aliens. Being compared to otherwordly creatures is the highest compliment!

I’m proud that it looks different, weird even, because I didn’t have any traditional or formal jewelry training. I took one introductory workshop and watched a bunch of videos. I wasn’t trained to follow the rules about how jewelry is supposed to look.

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Misfit ring and Fractured necklace both in sterling silver

In your opinion, what’s the hardest piece of jewelry to make and why?

Anything handmade that looks perfect, that’s why it isn’t my style! Haha. The ones who are good at that have been at it for years. I really admire their patience and skills!

What advice would you give people who share the same love for jewelry and want to start their own business?

Think about your style and what you want to say with your pieces. Anyone can make jewelry with enough practice, so it’s your vision and your ideas that will set you apart. You can pick up the technical aspects as you go along, or you can outsource it. Just start and keep going. 

What can we expect from Elementari in the future? 

I’d rather do it first than talk about it, but I hope you will either love it or hate it. I hope it makes you feel something!

Visit Elementari’s website here.

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