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Here’s what to expect from Uniqlo’s first-ever UT Con 2021

Here’s what to expect from Uniqlo’s first-ever UT Con 2021

Local artists Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales of Bad Student and painter Isabel Santos share their craft through an online print and art workshop

If there is something that would rival denim pants from its casual wear royalty status, that would be the t-shirt. From its early break in a Marlon Brandon movie to its colorful metamorphosis throughout the years, t-shirts have found a definite residency in our closets and in our lives thanks to its comfort and style flexibility.

Being a blank canvas is one of the reasons we love wearing it. Graphic tees, to be exact, are proof that even an everyday piece can be a form of art. It can don iconic symbols, from the peace sign of the ’70s to movie posters in the ’80s and ’90s. Locally, customized graphic tees are famous among electoral candidates during their campaign seasons. But as years passed, graphic tee became a way for many young artists to get notice for their craft, not only here in the country but also on the international stage.

That is what Uniqlo wants to celebrate as it launches its first-ever UT Con 2021, highlighting the artistry that goes in a humble shirt. The Japanese retail giant invites creatives, graphic tee fans, and pop culture enthusiasts to virtual events, to be broadcasted through Uniqlo Philippines’ Facebook page and the UT Philippines’ Facebook community. Through the event, the brand hopes to bring forth graphic tees as a way of self-expression and to share our fandoms.

Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales of Bad Student and painter Isabel Santos

On June 19, 2021, seasoned and budding artists alike will be able to join an online print and art workshop hosted by Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales of Bad Student, and painter Isabel Santos, all of whom the brand have collaborated with Uniqlo for previous UT collections and designs. Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales of Bad Student, the first risograph studio in the Philippines, will take the audience through creating a risograph print. Meanwhile, UTGP 2021 grand prize winner Isabel Santos will guide viewers in bringing to life their artistic vision through painting.

“The first two in a series of digital sessions aimed towards reinvigorating customers’ love for graphic tees and how these can express the wearers’ uniqueness,” the brand says. “UT Con 2021 will continue throughout the year, as a celebration of new UT collection launches.”

As a purveyor of Lifewear, Uniqlo understands the importance of injecting art in our everyday life through our closets. That’s why the brand is set to bring more beloved anime, cartoons, and pop culture icons in its graphic tee releases this month. Expect to see manga Jujutsu Kaisen, video game Monster Hunter Rise, and comic strip Snoopy to grace the brand’s tees. British pop culture illustrator Fergus Purcell and Australian print designer Cassie Byrnes are putting their artistry on the shirts. The brand collaborates again with Parisian brand Paul & Joe and its designer Sophie Mechaly for a t-shirt collection that’s all about flower power. Lastly, have a piece of art hang in your closet with the iconic works of pop art legends Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat depicted on the everyday style staple.

Get to know more about the summer edition of UT2021 here.

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Text by John Legaspi

Featured image source: Uniqlo Philippines’ Instagram account

This article first appeared in Manila Bulletin

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