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Chico Alicaya and Amanda Zamora reveal they’re each other’s plus one

Chico Alicaya and Amanda Zamora reveal they’re each other’s plus one

We caught up with #Chimanda about their vibe, style, and companionship

We’ve grown fonder of #ChiManda as they take on the outside world, and as we learned more about them in an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin Online, we just can’t get enough of the duo. We knew about the pair sharing the dream of entering the “Pinoy Big Brother” house, to their love for music, fandoms, and food. For this Garage exclusive, we caught up with #ChiManda’s pet peeves, style, and endearment to each other.

From athletic stuff, points of argument, clothing essentials, and their future trips together, #ChiManda reveals what will bond them together, and what might they quarrel over.

“The duo that bonds together, stays together”

For both Chico and Amanda, two of the things that bind them together are food and music. “I think we have the same vibe. We’re both very chill, we laugh a lot. We enjoy eating and listening to EDM music,” shares Amanda. “We both love the beach too!”

Gravitational pull

What lures both of them to one another? Amanda describes Chico as simple, fun, friendly, and easy to get along with, while Chico compares Amanda to one of the sports he loves the most—football. “When I play football I’m so happy and I forget my problems. Parang same kay Amanda, we rarely chat and all pero when I’m with her I forget my problems and we just laugh all the time,” Chico shares.

Annoyingly funny

When it comes to what pisses people off with one another, technology plays a big part when it comes to the glitch. Chico dislikes how Amanda’s attention is consumed by her phone while they’re conversing. For Amanda, she teases Chico about his internet connection sharing, “He always lags during our online guestings.” Guys, can we just blame it on Mercury retrograde?

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Fashion essentials

Both into simplicity and sports, #ChiManda shares their wardrobe essentials. If Amanda’s style essentials include jeans, crop tops, and sneakers, Chico can’t live without polo, jeans, Chelsea boots with brown leather watch, and shades to match.

Style stars

It’s undeniable that Chico and Amanda are a match that even their style icons have been also a pair in the past. Chico looks up to Harry Styles while Amanda’s style icon is Kendall Jenner.

Fast forward

Since we are all constricted by the pandemic, we can only look forward to a time when we can all be freer to move around. Chico looks forward to food trips and surfing trips while Amanda can’t wait to work over and over with Chico. We, as #ChiManda supporters, await with pleasure to see more of #ChiManda together, whether for work or leisure.

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