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LOOK: Viktor and Rolf joins Baker J to serve the ultimate sensory experience

LOOK: Viktor and Rolf joins Baker J to serve the ultimate sensory experience

Dive into delectable flavors while indulging in Flowerbomb and Spicebomb

If you’re a fan of Viktor and Rolf’s timeless fragrances and have a penchant for Parisian cuisine, then Baker J is your slice of paradise. Throughout May 2024, all branches of the restaurant will undergo a transformation into a Viktor and Rolf haven, featuring their iconic aesthetic alongside two beloved fragrances: Flowerbomb and Spicebomb.

First launched in 2005, Flowerbomb EDT stands as a classic in its own right. Crafted by Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaim, Domitille Michalon Bertier, and Dominique Ropion, this floral masterpiece is designed for women seeking deep floral notes, radiating an explosion of 1000 flowers. Flowerbomb’s notes include tea, bergamot, Osmanthus, orchid jasmine, rose freesia, and African orange flower, anchored by patchouli, musk, and vanilla.

If Flowerbomb represents a floral explosion, its counterpart, Spicebomb, is an explosion of spice. Dubbed a weapon of mass seduction, Spicebomb features a fiery blend of pink pepper, elemi, bergamot, grapefruit, cinnamon, saffron, paprika, tobacco, leather, and vetiver.

Whether it’s a romantic date with your significant other or a solo indulgence, you’re bound to adore the sensory delights of this collaboration. Alongside the fragrances available in-store, customized culinary offerings will also be on offer. Check out the special menu below:

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  • Flowerbomb Strawberry Tartlet: A delightful burst of fresh strawberries nestled in a light, airy mousse, adorned with a decadent Auro dark chocolate seal.
  • Lychee & Rose Macaron: Delicate layers of lychee and rose ensconced in a crisp Auro dark chocolate shell.
  • Flowerbomb Spritzer: A refreshing fusion of rose ambrosia and sparkling citrusade, offering a light and floral escape.
  • Spicebomb Croffle: A charcoal and cinnamon-infused croffle, layered with creamy charcoal diplomat cream and finished with an Auro dark chocolate seal.
  • Black Sesame Macaron: An audacious delight featuring a rich black sesame filling encased in a crisp Auro dark chocolate shell.
  • Spicebomb Latte: A robust and invigorating concoction featuring charcoal and black sesame flavors, infused with a shot of Baker J’s signature espresso.

For a list of Baker J branches, click here.

Viktor and Rolf fragrances are also available at Fresh boutiques.

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