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Can down perm be the next hairstyle trend? Here’s what you need to know

Can down perm be the next hairstyle trend? Here’s what you need to know

Perm, or permanent hairstyle, has been around since the 1900s. As the world evolved, so did the perm hairdressing technique. Most commonly used to create a long-lasting curl style, a new perming technique is now becoming popular for men in managing unruly hair by putting a product to straighten the hair and tame them down. This technique, called down perm, is popular in Korean men, with side hair strands relaxed when they start to grow out. 

This technique is generally used to prevent the sides of your hair fluffed for a longer period of time. Down perm will also cost you less number of in-salon visits, as you can let your hair grow out instead of revisiting your stylist from time to time to get a trim. Depending on your liking, you could also ask your hairstylist to do a full down perm if you think you need one. Here’s a sample. 

If you’re brave enough to think you can do it yourself, you can purchase a down perm product like this and give yourself a DIY treatment. We found a video that can help you with the step by step process as a guide but please, read product instructions and specifications carefully before you give yourself one, we’re talking about hair here. 

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