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All Hail to Garage Magazine’s Street Dapper Kings and their quarantine style

All Hail to Garage Magazine’s Street Dapper Kings and their quarantine style

Every year since Garage started, we have gathered stylish men and celebrated their fashion. Now that the new normal seems to make masks an essential and fashion must-have, we checked in with some of our Street Dapper King alumni and saw how they’re styling their outfits with the coveted face mask. From summer prints to solid ones, here are Garage’s stylish men sporting their masks as both protection and fashion statement.

Photo courtesy of Jonathon Jackson

Model Jonathon Jackson likes to keep his face mask playful, just like his personality, “I’ve got a few masks but the one I wear the most is my anchor mask. It’s navy blue with a few anchor icons on it and I actually found it in this store in Bali called Billie’s, which caters to female clientele. I needed a mask and I saw this one and picked it up, I never want to look to serious, it takes away from how I really am and how I want others to perceive me. My mask is fun and friendly and effortless. Not much to it, staying safe and still being cute. I’m not the kind to wear something super bright and flashy like a metallic mask or neon yellow mask, not really for me.” – SDK 2017

Photo courtesy of Rambo Nuñez

Spending his quarantine time in an island, entrepreneur Rambo Nuñez likes to keep it fresh, clean, and simple “Since I’m in an island while on quarantine, I keep my mask white and very basic. I think it suits my summer buzz cut. The mask is paired with a plain white shirt and linen shorts.” – SDK 2016 

Photo courtesy of Gino Santos

Director Gino Santos likes to stay within a neutral palette, but is not afraid of quirky prints, “Moving forward, masks really will be part of our outfits. It’ll be something we have to incorporate into our look, and won’t be just an afterthought or a nice-to-have item. My style is usually within the black-gray-white palette. So, as you can see, I got the mask to match. But, I wouldn’t mind wearing something with a funny print or design. Being able to make someone smile is always a plus these days.” – SDK 2018

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Photo: Rovy Rodriguez PPE: Jerome Salaya Ang

 “I have a very weird taste in fashion, ha ha, but normally my formula would be ‘color echoing’ in the outfits. The more mixed my outfit is, the more exciting it can be,” designer Maco Custodio shares. The shoemaker believes that everyone should be supporting local talents. “Support the industry, our community, the indigenous heritage. Be mindful of what you buy. Our thinking should be ‘Always buy something with a reason. Don’t be afraid to be YOU!” – SDK 2016

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