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All Hail to Garage Magazine Street Dapper Kings and their quarantine style (Part 2)

All Hail to Garage Magazine Street Dapper Kings and their quarantine style (Part 2)

Every year since Garage started, we have gathered stylish men to celebrate their fashion. Now that the new normal seems to make masks an essential fashion must-have, we checked in with some of our Street Dapper King alumni, and saw how they’re styling their outfits with the ubiquitous face mask. Part two’s batch of kings likes to keep their masks toned down while keeping it playful when it comes to their clothes. Check them out.

Photo courtesy of Jason Dy

Singer/songwriter Jason Dy likes to keep it neutral when it comes to his clothes but bright with his accessories, “I’ve been into a lot of monochromatic dressing lately, and we just happened to get a bunch of grey disposable face masks. I like wearing one solid neutral color (black, greys, nudes) and then adding one pop of color in the accessories.” – SDK2018 

Photo courtesy of Michael Seifert

“While I have a sailor blue & white striped mask in my closet that I enjoy pairing with either white, blue, gray, or black looks, my go-to is a black-mask that works with everything! When it comes to design, I focus on masks with colors that match my wardrobe very well (black, gray, navy blue, oil green) or select a print that is authentic, unique & one-of-a-kind,” shares model and founder of TALENTMAN, Michael Seifert. He also handpicks his masks according to his own preferences. “What makes my masks unique is the fact that they’re made of cotton, eco-friendly, & stylish. You can easily adjust the side string around your ears for ultimate comfort. In addition, they come with support around your nose, therefore making sure that the air you breathe comes from below your nose, thus protecting your eyes. As we’re living in challenging times, I make it a point to support local businesses. The masks are from a brand called @thisisearly – the owner is the cousin of one of my models @charmiepfeffer at TALENTMAN.” Seifert shares that although he picks what kind of mask he wears for the day, it still boils down to what mood he is in. “I usually select the mask last – based on what will be complementary to my outfit choice. The other day I wore an all-black look and decided to add a kick of color through the blue & white striped mask. It all boils down to my mood, the weather, and the occasion!” – SDK2014

Photo courtesy of Brent Javier

“The weather is finally getting better here in Toronto, flowers are blooming, and days are brighter and longer,” Brent Javier shares as he stays overseas. The newly engaged model likes to create contrast when it comes to his mask and clothes, wearing a solid black protection paired with bright-colored tops that he created himself. “Since we are in lockdown, I’ve tried to stay busy and picked up tie dying in the backyard, from shirts to socks and everything in between. Sometimes it gets boring just staying home, but my clothes don’t have to be!” – SDK2009

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Photo courtesy of Ziggy Savella

Designer Ziggy Savella keeps fashion and protection paramount in these trying times. “Never leave the house without a mask on! Having access to a sewing machine and a surplus of fabrics lets me create masks easily. Layering is key – it’s important to have a device that protects you from all the elements outside. [It] doesn’t have to be medical grade PPE quality as long as you’re aware of your surroundings and how to deal with the virus.” For his face masks, he prefers a common palette that goes well with his clothes. “I’ve been doing mostly monochromatic looks because it’s easier for me to just dump everything inside the washing machine as soon as I get back home.” Pretty practical! – SDK2011

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