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2019 prep: How to add more Living (Coral) color to your life

2019 prep: How to add more Living (Coral) color to your life

Pantone describes Living Coral, its decreed color for the year 2019, as vibrant yet mellow, “[welcoming] and [encouraging of] lighthearted activity.” Embodying the inevitable intersection of real life with digital life, Living Coral (official name: PANTONE 16-1546) “[symbolizes] our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits [and] embodies our desire for playful expression.”

The world may feel like a dumpster fire a lot of times, but within that fire, we can glean the brightness of Living Coral. Now, it may take a while for this eye-catching shade to reach the mass market, but here’s a sneak peek on how you can plan to add it to your life in 2019.



Burberry spring/summer 2019

A coral-colored suit that evokes both warmth and lusciousness would be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Keep it flawless by wearing it with an inner shirt in light colors, such as white, cream, or beige. – Yzza Hablado, style assistant

Etro spring/summer 2019



Thom Browne spring/summer 2019
Dries Van Noten spring/summer 2019

Top-off a monochromatic outfit with a pop of coral or play it up with more colors—either way, an outerwear piece in living coral will bring a fresh twist to your look. Want to warm up with this color first? Pick a piece with a coral accent, like this Mihara Yasuhiro cardigan, that allows this bright hue to be worn with your more neutral-toned clothes. – YH

Mihara Yasuhiro spring/summer 2019



Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2019

To be honest, picking out coral-colored bags is a bold style move to take. Ease your way into it by choosing those that come in sharper and more minimalist forms, like this Alexander McQueen tote, that will help you achieve a cleaner look. – YH


Muscle shirts

Christian Dada spring/summer 2019

Living Coral provides a good contrast to the masculinity and rebelliousness of the muscle shirt. Watch out for pieces with good graphic design, like this one from Christian Dada. – YH


Dyed denim

Isabel Marant spring/summer 2019

Take your denim game to a more refreshing stage with coral-dyed denim. Wear them with looser shirts, and you’re good to go for summer. – YH


Printed shirt

Paul Smith spring/summer 2019

While we’ve talked about ways on how you can tame Living Coral enough to integrate it to your wardrobe, elevating its playfulness is also a really good idea. Worn under a jacket or alone with shorts or trousers, printed shirts in this hue can make you look and feel like a walking ray of sunshine. – YH

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L’Oreal Professionnel Colorful Hair in Sunset Coral, available at the L’Oreal website

Coral as a hair color became a hit in 2017, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let your tresses get another hit of this warm color for 2019. After the rise of the cooler tones of lavender, pink, and silver, coral would be a nice shift that also doesn’t stray too far from the spectrum. Just ask your hairstylist to calibrate the color to complement your skin tone better. – September Grace Mahino, executive editor



Lush Sun Gorilla Perfume

Is it possible to feel or smell colors? Sure. Synesthesia is an interesting phenomenon that allows us to perceive stimuli in more ways than one. With Living Coral so warm and engaging, it’s easy to imagine it as having a fresh yet lightly spicy scent. Go for citrus-based or tart scents that not only smell good but also make you feel awake, and you’ll be embodying the optimistic spirit of 2019’s defining color. – SGM




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