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Christmas 2023: The ultimate guide to holiday fragrance

Christmas 2023: The ultimate guide to holiday fragrance

Unveiling the aromatic magic of the season

This holiday season, what better way to encapsulate the spirit of joy and warmth than through the artistry of fragrances? Whether you’re in search of a captivating scent for yourself or selecting the perfect olfactory gift for a loved one, these fragrances promise to capture memories of celebration and reflection.

Montblanc Explorer Platinum, P6,550

This latest addition to the Explorer line prepares the wearer for their next adventure. The flanker underscores a powerful woody fragrance enhanced by sparkling and crispy green notes of grapefruit, violet leaves, and clary sage essence, delivering an airy fragrance with crystalline freshness reminiscent of snow and ice.

Bulgari Omnia Collection, P10,050 each

Timeless and iconic, this well-loved collection from Bulgari fragrances receives a facelift, debuting a new flacon design. Whether you’re looking for a backup or a particular gem to gift, this line is sure to highlight the spirit of holidays. 

Crystalline is a luminous eau de toilette inspired by the aquatic transparency of the lotus flower, sublimated by the airy generosity of a white peony; amethyst features a myriad of scents from iris gardens blended with morning dew, while coral is a floral-fruity eau de toilette capturing the liveliness of nature through the bright aura of hibiscus notes.

MCM Onyx, P6,500

For MCM’s first men’s fragrance, the house created a futuristic woody fougère born from the fusion between luxury craftsmanship and new-tech perfumery. Inspired by the brand’s iconic Stark backpack, MCM Onyx’s bottle features a modern yet refined colorway clad in black and dark gray Visetos paired with gunmetal accents. Made with 79 percent biodegradable ingredients, the sustainably sourced ingredients of ginger, lavender, clearwood, and vetiver, this scent deliver freshness in a modern way.

Dolce and Gabbana Devotion, P10,200

For vanilla and amber enthusiasts, this new fragrance by Olivier Cresp features top notes of candied lemon, middle notes of orange blossom, panacotta, and plum, and a base note of vanilla for an enchanting gourmand blend.

Burberry Goddess, P12,200

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This unique gourmand aromatic fragrance is led by a powerful trio of distinct vanillas: vanilla infusion and lavender, vanilla caviar, and vanilla absolute. Although it may sound too sweet, the new ingredient in this fragrance called Firgood gives the vanilla a twist, making it rich and animalic with mysterious, creamy aspects.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia, P10,700

Indulge in the floral fantasy with this third offering from the Flora line, Flora Gorgeous Magnolia. Built around Magnolia Alba, an ancient and rare plant that requires a specific harvest and careful distillation process, the scent is tailored for free-spirited women. Dewberry accords are added for a fruity, juicy dimension, while notes of patchouli ground the scent. Trails of musk are included to warm up the fragrance, providing intensity and depth.

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Featured image: Renan Pacheco / Montblanc

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