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How actor Ken Chan secretly rebelled against school dress codes

How actor Ken Chan secretly rebelled against school dress codes

In college, actor Ken Chan’s course required him to wear a uniform, and the limitation made him imagine all the looks he’d wear to school. “I was really jealous of my schoolmates [who didn’t have to wear a uniform]. If I had the chance to pick what I’d wear, I would choose a pair of ripped jeans, a plain white shirt, and a pair of white sneakers, preferable Chuck Taylors.”

It’s a pretty standard outfit for a daydream look, but Chan likes its simplicity and slight ruggedness. “Plus, it’s a no-brainer and it lets you invest on high quality jackets, cardigans, and sweaters for the rainy days. Just switch to a black shirt and combat boots and you’re good to go.”

His character on GMA 7’s Meant to Be is a different kind of clotheshorse, however. The serious Yuan Lee’s wardrobe runs more along the lines of black pieces, coats, and suits, preferably from expensive labels; the only point where their tastes intersect is at footwear. That doesn’t mean Chan hasn’t picked up any style pointers from his TV alter-ego. In buying a suit: “Make sure it’s the right fit. I once wore an ill-fitting suit and it affected my mood. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t socialize well.”

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Another personal expression that he wasn’t allowed to have while still in school is his facial scruff. Admitting to be the type to grow a five o’clock shadow–“I’m one of the few people who can grow facial hair up to my sideburns”–he always had a shaving kit in his bag to keep his mug clean-shaven while on campus. “It’s there along with alcohol, perfume, and an extra shirt.” To lessen the morning rush to school or, now, to tapings, Chan prefers to do some grooming prep before going to bed. “I usually shave at night so all I have to do is shower and brush my teeth in the morning.”

Photographer: Jerick Sanchez
Writer: Danielle Suleik
Edited by: September Mahino

Grooming: Coco Galang
Producer and stylist: Jerico Villamonte
Assistant: Yzza Hablado
Shot on location at B Hotel, 14 Scout Rallos, Laging Handa, Quezon City.

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