It was a gloomy afternoon when Converse_X_ Day had its kick off in Tanaw Makati last Saturday, Februay 8. Despite it, the spirits of the Converse_X_ members shone throughout. During the party, Converse highlighted the new members of Converse_X_ community. The members come from different fields in design, art, sports, sustainability, and music.

Converse shoes on display at the event

Converse_X_ members swap their fashion items

Graffiti art during the Converse kickoff party

For design, the focus was on creatives who utilize design in their field, like graphic design, fashion, and architecture. For art, the range includes street artists and illustrators who are passionate about fashion and style. The members from the field of sports embody skate culture, while for sustainability, members focus on making a better world. Lastly, there are Converse_X_ members who are musicians, such as rappers, DJs, singers, songwriters, and producers.

Get to know some of their thoughts.

What’s your vision for the music industry this 2020?

We hope to unite with other musicians to create more beautiful music. – Ysa and Ygo

What’s your Converse_X_ 2020 goal?

My goal is to be more. Be more involved in the art community, be more involved in the design community, and just really represent more of what Converse is to me. I want to be a great representative of the LGBTQ community here in the Philippines, because right now we’re really struggling for our rights, what we are in society. I am very grateful to Converse for giving me this platform to spread my message. – Dora

Can you tell us more about the Converse_X_ community?

It’s not just a community, it’s a family. It’s a group of people who love art and people who don’t want to follow the norm. My stay here in Converse has been very life-changing. It dared me to be brave and independent. In Converse X, we dare to make a change. – Jan Benavidez

What’s your vision for the fashion industry this 2020?

My vision for the fashion industry this 2020 is to make it more open, to make it more genderless. For me, Converse is genderless, it for everyone, so thanks, Converse. – Xandro Miguell


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