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LOOK: Navo unveils tantalizing new book ‘Brazilandia’

LOOK: Navo unveils tantalizing new book ‘Brazilandia’

Discover the exotic landscape and the beauty of Brazilian men

Renowned erotic lensman Lope Navo presents another titillating masterpiece, “Brazilandia,” a 195-page visual feast that captures the raw beauty of Brazil and its captivating natives. This new work offers a stunning blend of scenic landscapes and sensually portrayed male models, whose wet, oiled, bruised, and brawny physiques swell the pages, making “Brazilandia” (2024) a profound tribute to Brazil.

“I dedicate this to all Brazilian fashion models, actors, surfers, nine-to-five office workers, artists, and every non-professional model and supermodel whom I have met everywhere,” shares Navo. His narrative delves into his first experience setting foot in São Paulo back in 2011, detailing his journey from initial skepticism by the locals to being embraced as one of their own.

The conceptualization of “Brazilandia” spanned over a decade, meticulously shot across six different Brazilian states. This seventh book in his prolific career stands as one of his most ambitious projects to date.

To further explore his experiences and delve into the dichotomy of chaos and tranquility in Brazil, as well as the unparalleled beauty of Brazilian men, we engaged in an exclusive conversation with the award-winning author and photographer. We also tackled what’s next for the lensman. Read through below:

How has the book launch been so far?

The book was globally pre-released earlier this year, including on, and we are also planning a launch here in Manila. I may be the first Filipino-born person to author a book about Brazil. Additionally, we’ve distributed 15,000 complimentary eBooks worldwide to support HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ community who cannot afford the hardcover edition. We hope “Brazilandia” uplifts their spirits and brings excitement to their otherwise mundane lives, offering a glimpse into a world they’ve never seen before.

How is “Brazilandia” different from your previous publications?

“Brazilandia” is the first internationally released monograph focusing exclusively on Brazilian men. It features a two-cover series with Brazilian supermodels Hideo Muraoka and Marlon Teixeira. My previous books have showcased a diverse mix of nationalities and flags. For instance, my debut book “Stark,” published by Bruno Gmünder, was shot across the US and included many Brazilians. My other photo books can be likened to a United Nations of subjects.

After living in Brazil for several years, what other kinds of beauty do you long to see?

After spending years in Brazil, one might think you’ve seen it all, given Brazil’s blend of past, present, and future. Beauty extends beyond physical appearances to include sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. I can’t get enough of its natural beauty, especially masculine beauty, which empowers me and my lust for life.

What makes Brazilian men stand out?

When you envision Brazil, you imagine gathering famous male supermodels in a Copacabana Palace penthouse and photographing them naked, full frontal. How could you forget Tomas De Oliveira, Hideo Muraoka, Marlon Teixeira, Caio Cesar, Francisco Lachowski, Evandro Soldati, André Ziehe, Lucas Bernardini, Bruno Santos, Alexandre Cunha, Caua Reymond, Rael Costa, Diogo Souza, Diogo Castro Gomes, Rafael Lazzini, Rafael Verga, Rodrigo Calazans, Rodrigo Braga, Gui Fedrizzi, Jesus Luz, and Marlon Teixeira? I’ve had the privilege of photographing half of them for “Brazilandia.” Brazilian men stand out for their diversity, curiosity, and the rhythmic samba in their souls. They’re undeniably sexy. They even have a Portuguese term, “abraço com força,” meaning “a tight hug,” which they embrace wholeheartedly. Once Brazilian men love you, they never let you go—like a killer bear hug.

How do you perceive Brazil?

I grew up watching Latin telenovelas like “Marimar,” where Thalia romanced the most beautiful Latino men on TV. Brazil became my haven, my homosexual territory. To me, Brazil is still a movie—São Paulo a mix of horror, sci-fi, and drama; Rio more musical and romantic. I remember a memorable 24-hour bus ride from Bahia to Rio de Janeiro with a Bahiano friend one hot summer—each stopover magical and oddly romantic.

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Can you share a secret from your time in Brazil that you’ve never revealed before?

There are countless incriminating moments from Brazil that I hope will forever remain buried in my memory. What happens in Brazil stays in Brazil, they say—and that’s why they love me there. Living on multiple extended tourist visas allowed me to delve deep into Brazil’s history, not just from books but from its people. Embracing their culture was more than work—it was a passionate exploration.

Tell us about your magazine, Man-X.

Man-X is an international men’s magazine distributed bimonthly via MagCloud and Amazon in glossy, digital, hardcover, and paperback formats. It features celebrity interviews, men’s fashion trends, pop culture reviews, film, music, erotica, art, short stories, and articles on fitness, grooming, and health. Its 150 to 304 pages showcase masculine photography editorials primarily shot in the USA, Australia, Europe, and South America. Past contributors include renowned photographers and artists.

What’s next for Navo?

Following several books on male models, my first art collage book “Pop Art” will be released in 2025, celebrating pop and underground culture. It will reflect my origins as an oil painter, a return to who I was before becoming Lope Navo, the photographer. This book will complement my new menswear underwear line, Navo Men, crafted from strong materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and nylon microfiber. The curated sex boxes feature my photography and art collages exclusively.

You can order “Brazilandia” on Amazon.

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