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Here’s a multi-benefit sunscreen line to fit every activity this summer 2024

Here’s a multi-benefit sunscreen line to fit every activity this summer 2024

Explore the versatile offerings of YOU Beauty’s Sunbrella line

As the scorching summer of 2024 sets in, the heat index is soaring. According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA,) we should all be extremely cautious due to temperatures ranging from 33 to 41 degrees Celsius in Metro Manila, which can lead to heat-related complications like cramps, exhaustion, and even heatstroke. Other regions are experiencing even more extreme conditions, with temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees Celsius.

To mitigate these risks, PAGASA recommends limiting outdoor exposure, staying hydrated, scheduling strenuous activities during cooler hours such as early mornings or evenings, and donning protective gear like umbrellas, hats, and long-sleeved clothing.

While protective clothing is important, sunscreen serves as a crucial base layer of defense, especially for exposed skin. Whether navigating city streets or exploring sandy shores, selecting the right sunblock is vital. Explore the versatile offerings of YOU Beauty’s Sunbrella line, boasting SPF 50 protection that shields against 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays, known culprits behind premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots, and sunburn.

YOU Sunbrella Intensive Care Aqua Sunscreen
Crafted for sensitive skin, this gentle sunscreen not only shields against harmful rays but also nourishes with skin-loving ingredients like SymWhite 377 for brightening and ceramides to fortify the skin barrier.

YOU Sunbrella Triple UV Elixir Sunscreen
Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this sunscreen promises a lightweight, oil-control formula. Infused with soothing agents like Witch Hazel and Centella Asiatica, it ensures protection without leaving a white cast or greasy residue.

YOU Sunbrella Tone Up UV Elixir Sunscreen
Seeking a radiant makeup base with added benefits? Look no further. This Tone Up Elixir brightens lackluster skin for a luminous complexion. Packed with intensive UV protection and enriched with sunflower seed oil, SymWhite 377, and hyaluronic acid, it enhances skin radiance while safeguarding against harmful UV rays.

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YOU Sunbrella Airy Outdoor Sunscreen Spray
Sunscreen reapplication is crucial, especially after sweating or swimming. For effortless touch-ups, opt for this lightweight sunscreen spray. Enriched with niacinamide and Buddleja Officinalis Extract, it delivers intensive protection against harmful rays while remaining gentle on coral reefs.

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