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Timeless threads: Exploring the workwear collection of Tous

Timeless threads: Exploring the workwear collection of Tous

Clothing brand owner Bram Ascan shares insights on how to wear, tear, repair, and repeat

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the rise of local clothing brands vying for a place in the Philippine market. Among these, many have earned praise, especially during the pandemic, with a focus on streetwear. Today, we introduce a young label with a distinct vision.

Tous, a playful nod to the Tagalog word “suot,” meaning “wear,” and the French word for “every,” embodies the ethos of everyday workwear designed for repeated wear and eventual repair.

Bram Ascan

For Bram Ascan, the brand’s creator, Tous began as a college project. With a passion for vintage clothing, Bram envisioned a line inspired by timeless pieces, crafted to last through the years.

One piece that caught our eyes in Tous’ latest collection is the Sako shirt, which drew inspiration from Japanese horn bags. This piece strikes a delicate balance between gentleness and strength, making it alluring.

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We sat down with Bram to learn more about the collection and the brand. Read through our chat below:

How did the brand come about and what made you venture into fashion?

Tous has been in operation for just over a year as I started the brand in April 2023. However, my journey in fashion began earlier, in 2020, with the resale of vintage clothing during quarantine. Over time, I developed a love for it and eventually deepened my knowledge.

What’s the design process like?

The design process involves collaboration with my intern, Jacob Faeldon, and our manufacturer, Mang Boy. Jacob helps translate my visions into sketches, ensuring every detail is captured. While I lack formal training, I’ve found ways to communicate my ideas effectively with Mang Boy’s expertise.

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Can you walk us through the pieces in the new collection?

Our latest collection draws heavily from workwear aesthetics, reimagining pieces worn by blue-collar workers in a more refined manner. Notable pieces include the Mechanic Shirt, inspired by automotive work shirts but crafted from breathable seersucker for Philippine conditions.

The Gardening Jacket takes cues from American army combat jackets, featuring ample pockets for practical use while the Sako Shirt gets inspiration from sturdy Japanese utility carriers, and the Medicine Bag which is made of vegetable leather that draws inspiration from spiritual Navajo culture.

How do you think people will resonate with Tous?

One of my personal philosophies is purchasing mindfully and respecting the piece by knowing you will get a ton of wear from it, regardless if it is clothing or not. I think that people that share the same sentiment towards their clothing would naturally approach the brand as our designs are inspired by timeless silhouettes. It may not be the most interesting, the most loud, but it will be something that can be worn for a while.

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What can we expect from Tous in the near future?

Looking ahead, Tous aims to offer simpler items crafted from high-quality materials, with a focus on restocking staple pieces rather than introducing new collections. . I believe that there has been a personal shift in my mindset wherein people don’t need to be purchasing clothing collection after collection, but rather invest more into one piece knowing they’ll wear it till it inevitably starts to break (through multiple wears, not through poor construction).

We also aspire to provide repair services, embodying the ethos of “Wear, Tear, Repair, Repeat,” learned from the resilience of vintage clothing as we keep the “classics made for the tropics” aesthetic.

Shop Tous here.

Images courtesy of Bram Ascan

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