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Nike’s new gym equipment line is on our holiday wish list

Nike’s new gym equipment line is on our holiday wish list

At-home gym will never be the same again

Nike has been a reliable source for fitness and fashion needs, providing essential apparel and shoes. Today, this iconic brand introduces Nike Strength, a new line of gym equipment designed to help you build your home gym.

As one of the most trusted brands in the world, Nike’s new offering can elevate your home gym confidence. Nike Strength includes a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, plates, benches, and racks, all conveniently accessible without leaving your house.

The dumbbells, available in a range of weights from five to 100 lbs each, are crafted with robust rubber and knurled handles for a secure grip. They also feature sculpted edges for enhanced durability and stability.

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The sleek black powder-coated finish of the kettlebells ensures a smooth and secure grip, even without chalk. Their rock-solid and wobble-free bases help you maintain control during your workouts, no matter how challenging you want to make them.

In a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Nike uses recycled materials from their manufacturing scrap to produce their plates, ensuring strength and durability.

The benches are constructed using premium materials, including powder-coated steel, durable synthetic leather, and firm foam padding for maximum comfort and support.

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