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LOOK: This gym offers state-of-the-art facilities and recovery programs

LOOK: This gym offers state-of-the-art facilities and recovery programs

Get strong for life at Kinetix+

While many people like the come-and-go nature of most gyms, some individuals need more assistance to reach their full potential in becoming stronger and recovering faster.

Kinetix+ is the first luxury boutique gym in the Philippines that not only offers bespoke equipment and AI-driven BioStrength line machines but also provides services that all members can benefit from. The luxury gym promises coaches and experts who can assist members with training, recovery, and nutrition.

These coaches are qualified to create specific programs for individual members, consult with fellow experts for additional techniques, and monitor progress, making them accountability partners throughout your journey.

Should a member feel any discomfort, Kinetix+ has a Recovery Lab, where they can utilize cutting-edge equipment and manual therapy from the gym’s in-house physiotherapists to help the body heal from strain and soreness. Any injuries sustained during sports or exercise can also be treated with a rehabilitation plan by the skilled physiotherapists at Kinetix+.

The gym also offers a nutritionist who can provide guidance by creating customized dietary recommendations to support workouts and promote muscle repair. Working with the in-house nutritionist helps members gain a better understanding of how food choices affect strength training and general health.

As per the gym’s co-founder Coach Marlon Lugue, “Strength is the summary of our past days, current state, and hopeful future. Live your best life by recapturing the vigor of your youth, making the most out of your present, and training to be the best that you can be for days to come.”

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Kinetix+ offers a variety of membership plans, such as Active Aging, Corporate Wellness, Muscle Forging, and Fit for a Queen packages, which include a range of sessions for coaching, recovery, stretching, and nutrition guidance.

Visit the Kinetix+ website to learn more about their offerings.

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