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MUST-HAVE: ‘90s-inspired sustainable sunglasses

MUST-HAVE: ‘90s-inspired sustainable sunglasses

Sunnies Studios unveils nostalgic frames from the Eye Candy collection

Every decade holds its own unique charm, but there’s something about the ‘90s that we can all connect with today. Do you recall the time when “NOW” albums featured the best playlists from the most popular boy and girl bands of that era? They had us grooving from side A to side B! 

The 1990s not only brought us iconic music but also some of the trendiest wardrobe pieces that remain in vogue today, such as baby tees, baggy jeans, and cardigans.

As Sunnies Studios celebrates its 10th anniversary, the brand has introduced an eyewear collection inspired by the iconic style of the 90s. The collection comprises three frame models: June, Devon, and Cal, all of which are translucent and brimming with vibrant colors. 

June boasts a rectangular frame, exuding a cool and carefree vibe. Devon features a slim oval frame with elegant contours, while Cal sports a thick, boxy frame that suits any era.

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In addition to style, the brand has taken a sustainable approach by crafting these pieces from recycled polyester. The frames are available in three new colors: Ginger, an earthy orange; Peppermint, a muted green; and Blizzard, a cool blue.

The Eye Candy line is now accessible on Sunnies Studios’ website and in physical stores.

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