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EDITORS’ PICKS: 6 new designer fragrances worth checking out this season

EDITORS’ PICKS: 6 new designer fragrances worth checking out this season

This lineup includes fragrances with notes of spices, woods, and flowers

While having a signature fragrance has its perks, sometimes our noses can become a little immune to our go-to scents when worn daily. In such cases, I find it helpful to try a new fragrance that incorporates familiar notes or opt for a flanker of my signature scent.

Allow me to elaborate. In the world of perfumery, a “flanker” refers to a new perfume created with a nearly identical DNA to an existing perfume, but with additional twists in the notes.

As we approach the end of the year, Luxasia has introduced new releases from their brands, including both flankers and completely new fragrances, to revitalize our collection and add more excitement to the upcoming season. 

Here is a list of their latest offerings, ranging from eau de toilette and eau de parfum to a new hair mist.

First on the list is a flanker of Carolina Herrera’s (CH) Bad Boy, which is said to be the best iteration from the line so far. Building on the original Bad Boy, this fragrance also features creamy facets of cocoa, but with the added twist of ginger for a spicier take. The notes also include a warm heart of vetiver and a zesty touch of bergamot. This eau de parfum continues the house’s legacy of producing responsibly made perfumes using sustainable materials.

The next fragrance is an almost essential addition if you wear Bulgari’s Rose Goldea Blossom Delight eau de toilette. To enhance your scent trail, the brand has introduced a hair mist to this line, creating a complete olfactory experience. This hair mist acts as a veil of fragrance, providing a soft and vibrant floral scent reminiscent of a rosebud just about to bloom. With notes of peonies, musk, and cedarwood, this fragrance comes in a pastel rose-colored bottle adorned with Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti collier around its neck.

The newest addition from Marc Jacobs seamlessly complements the Perfect line, which includes Perfect eau de parfum and Perfect Intense. The Perfect eau de toilette offers a fresher and brighter interpretation of its predecessors. This luminous fragrance is clean and features a comforting floral and woody base, courtesy of white daffodils and cedarwood. This release embodies Marc Jacobs’ personal mantra, “I am perfect as I am,” celebrating individuality, personal truth, and authenticity.

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We have two new offerings from Dolce and Gabbana. Released in April 2023 in the Philippines, K and Q eau de parfum complement each other, much like a king and queen would. Crafted in Italy, both K and Q are woody fragrances with aromatic and fruity qualities, respectively. The opening notes of both scents include citrusy hints of lemon and blood orange, and they share vibrant woody cedarwood notes in the dry down. The difference lies in the heart notes: K features creamy and smooth notes of fig milk, while Q offers tangy and sweet cherry notes. These fragrances are presented in heavy glass bottles, each adorned with embellished crowns, truly befitting a king and queen.

The last fragrance on the list also celebrates authenticity but features notes similar to the aforementioned scents. Hugo Boss introduces Hugo Jeans eau de toilette, an aromatic fragrance with peppermint, juniper berries, and cedarwood. Encased in a lacquered matte denim blue bottle, this fresh everyday scent promises to resonate with your true self, just like your favorite pair of jeans.

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