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This holistic center offers sustainable and pain-free fitness journey

This holistic center offers sustainable and pain-free fitness journey

Get to know Awaken Gym coaches and their fresh take on training

As someone who trains in the gym sparingly, I’ve always believed that being sore means I should be applauding myself for doing a good session. Although there is some truth to that, this fairly new fitness center believes that “no pain has more gain.”

Awaken Gym has just celebrated their first anniversary and the fitness center aims to further awareness regarding sustainable fitness lifestyle and functional training. Headed by Culver Padilla, co-founder of the gym and a celebrity personal trainer, the Pasig-based fitness center believes that working out should not leave you sore and aching but instead satisfied, energized, and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

“Our workouts are challenging but not overwhelming which makes it very sustainable,” explained Coach Culver. “Pain is a sign that your muscles are either not used to the workout or it exceeded its capacity. By working with our highly trained professionals here at Awaken, we will start with an assessment so we curate the routine according to your body’s needs and current capacity, with just enough intensity that would still allow you to function normally as you go about your daily lives.”

Awaken Gym’s focus includes effectiveness and variety, that’s why the coaches make sure that they continuously study the latest developments in physical fitness and training. One of the most effective routines for members is the Functional Training Fundamentals (FTF). 

“You might just be carrying grocery bags up the stairs and afterwards you’re already gasping for breath. That’s what FTF works on: the muscles you use and the movements you do every day to improve overall health and lifestyle. These are workouts that actually make sense, and by being consistent with it, you also get a bonus of above average physique,” he continued.

Aside from Coach Culver, Awaken Gym is also armed with fellow certified coaches like Coach Sonny Montalvo, who is a multi-awarded Karate athlete; Coach Melvin Te whose background includes certifications in circuit training and High-Intensity Interval Training; Coach Julio de Leon who is a licensed physical therapist and is a certified Sporttape Kinesiology Taping Practitioner; and Coach Anjo Resurreccionwho is a calisthenics coach, body builder, and personality development trainer.

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Alongside functional training fundamentals and strength training workouts, Awaken Gym also offers workouts like Animal Flow workout, calisthenics, High-Intensity Interval Training, circuit training, Spartan training, therapy including sports taping, dry needling, physical therapy, myofascial release, and red light therapy that puts the body into a deep relaxation state allowing it to reset and go back to recovery mode after triggering the fight-or-flight response during the workout.

For everyone who wants to start their sustainable fitness journey, Awaken Gym is located at Meralco Avenue South Drive, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Pasig City.  You can also visit their Instagram page @awakengymofficial for more details.

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