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Garage Scents: Two must-try musk fragrances for him and her

Garage Scents: Two must-try musk fragrances for him and her

Narciso Rodriguez introduces Vetiver Musc and Musc Nude

Narciso Rodriguez is steadily gaining acclaim in the fragrance industry with its musk-centric creations. In late 2022, one of the fragrances from their Musc line, Musc Noir Rose, went viral on Tiktok, leading to a surge in the collection’s popularity. The designer label is renowned for its minimalist approach to fragrances—a must-have for the clean girl/boy aesthetic. Their scents are wearable, understated, and perfect as signature fragrances.

In 2024, the label has introduced two new musk-centric additions: Vetiver Musc for him and Musc Nude for her. Staying true to their brand, these fragrances exhibit qualities of everyday, signature scents—soft, clean, non-offensive, and easy on the nose. Despite being eau de toilette concentrations, they perform better than some parfum concentrations.

Vetiver Musc is an aromatic fragrance that is soapy and fresh. It deviates from the typical masculine scents that lean towards barbershop or after-shave fragrances. The wearer is neither young nor mature, perhaps in a transitional phase to adulthood. Standout notes in this creation include a salty-leaning algae note, soft lavender, and clean musk. The base features earthy vetiver and cedarwood perfectly blended with subtle smoky patchouli.

Musc Nude, on the other hand, is encapsulated by its soft, matte bottle. The fragrance is also soft and powdery, brought to life by white flowers in the composition. Over time, it develops into a scent reminiscent of dried rose petals on a bed of musk. A hint of sweetness from tonka beans mimics the scent of freshly washed skin, achieving what Sonia Constant aimed for—accords that naturally blend with the skin.

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Vetiver Musc and Musc Nude by Narciso Rodriguez are available at

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