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This skincare brand takes a holistic approach to healing

This skincare brand takes a holistic approach to healing

For Skin Poem, good skin isn’t the perfect kind, it’s the one that’s been healed from the hurt

A lot of people who are just starting with serums, acids, and skincare, in general, usually end up doing more harm to their skin than they realize. Some individuals are so eager to see results that they tend to jump from one product to another without giving the product enough time to work and allowing the skin cells to turnover, a process that takes at least 28 to 40 days.

I personally experienced a damaged skin barrier back when I didn’t know which ingredients worked well together and which ones didn’t. I came to realize that exfoliating the skin is just as important as preserving the skin barrier, if not more important.

Skin Poem, a fairly new skincare line, focuses on healing the skin. “Good skin isn’t the perfect kind, it’s the one that’s been healed from the hurt. The one that’s been loved, accepted, and fought for,” said the brand. “Yes, good skin is not the perfect kind. It’s the skin we have and the skin we will embrace. Let’s do it right.”

Skin Poem was founded by Chin Simpson, who started her skincare business with the intention of helping her younger brother, Paul, who had psoriasis. Chin wanted to develop a product that utilized quality ingredients and prioritized moisturizing dry and vulnerable skin.

Chin Simpson

Having experienced the impact of positive affirmations in her personal life as she focused on healing and adopting healthier mindsets, Chin’s brand aims to spread the same positivity to her audience. Skin Poem’s sole purpose is to bring out holistic beauty through the poems they share and the products they have formulated.

Speaking of formulations, all Skin Poem products are custom-made from scratch in collaboration with a reputable laboratory that creates skincare and wellness products using premium and high-quality active ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. 

Currently, Skin Poem offers five products. One of their best-selling products, both locally and internationally, is the Hydrating and Brightening Mist, which contains fucoidan algae sourced from France. This ingredient helps brighten the skin while restoring moisture. Many people love this product as it can be used as skincare or a makeup topper. It can also be used throughout the day to reset or freshen up your look.

Colloidal oatmeal is proven to soothe the skin, and Skin Poem’s body soap contains this ingredient along with collagen sourced from Korea. This soap is meant to soothe skin inflammation while keeping it elastic, soft, yet firm.

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The brand also offers a line called the F.P. Series (For Paul Series), which includes a moisturizer and a cream. The moisturizer for face and body contains five different types of ceramides, which effectively address dryness and irritation. Fruit extracts can also be found in this formulation, including green tea extracts with antibacterial properties, lotus flower to replenish moisture, sunflower and safflower oil to ensure moisturization, and olive oil extract to lighten skin discoloration caused by excessive scratching. The cream specifically targets dry, patchy, and itchy areas. This lightweight yet concentrated cream features Annona cherimola fruit extract from Germany, which contains high levels of vitamin C responsible for collagen production. It also helps reduce inflammation, redness, and sensitivity in overworked, tired, and irritated skin.

To help reveal healthier skin, the brand also offers an exfoliator. The Gentle Skin Reset Scrub contains finely ground volcanic and corundum minerals that unclog pores and exfoliate dead skin.

To know more about Skin Poem, their values, and to shop their line, visit their website

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