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LOOK: More K-dramas available to stream on Netflix this 2023

LOOK: More K-dramas available to stream on Netflix this 2023

We’re so looking forward to ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Gyeongseong Creature’

Did you know that 60 percent of Netflix subscribers are into K-content? As the global fandom of everything Korean continues to grow, streaming service Netflix is set to offer us more K-content as we look ahead to 2023. 

From Korean TV series, films, reality shows, and more, Netflix promises to indulge viewers with its biggest lineup for the streaming service. “The global popularity of K-content has continued apace over 2022, with Netflix bringing a wider variety of stories and genres to fans around the world.” says Don Kang, VP of Content (Korea). “Over the last year, Korean series and films have regularly featured in our Global Top 10 list in more than 90 countries, and three of Netflix’s most-watched shows ever are from Korea. This year, we’re pushing the envelope even further with the stories we tell and how we tell them. With this lineup of Korean titles, Netflix will continue to be the ultimate destination for compelling, diverse and must-watch Korean storytelling.” 

From romantic comedies, to dramas, and sci-fi, here are some of the titles worth watching out for this 2023 on Netflix. 

“Love to Hate You”

Directed by Kim Jeong-kwon, “Love to Hate You” stars Kim Ok-bin and Yoo Teo, who play an entertainment lawyer and an actor, respectively. Both characters have trust issues which will soon be healed through experiencing warlike love from one another. “Love to Hate You” promises to bring electrifying chemistry and fun which viewers are sure to love. 

“Black Knight”

This Netflix series set in 2071 is based on the webtoon “Delivery Knight,” where people depend on respiratory masks to live. The story revolves around a legendary delivery man called “5-8,” a refugee boy who aspires to be like “5-8” and a sole heir to a company who capitalizes on oxygen. “Black Knight” is set to come to Netflix in the second quarter of 2023. 

“Song of the Bandits” 

Creators of spectacular projects “Bad Guys: Vile City” and “Squad 38,” writer Han Jung-hoon and director Hwang Jun-hyuk team up again for “Song of the Bandits.” This action/adventure series is set in the tumultuous era of Japanese’s colonial rule over Korea. The series tackles the different motives behind Japanese troops, the Korean Independence Army, hitmen, bandits, and Joseon migrants in the land of Gando during the 1920s. 

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“Mask Girl”

This series could be one of the most relatable plotlines in this era. This webtoon-inspired series revolves around Kim Mo-mi, an ordinary office worker by day who is insecure about her appearance and a live-streamer by night who covers up her face with a mask. As she lives her double life, she gets embroiled in an incident causing a dramatic turn of events. This effortless cross between thriller and black comedy series is set to come to the streaming app in quarter three. 

“Gyeongseong Creature”

Probably the biggest K-series to watch out for is coming in the last quarter of the year. Korea’s top talents Park Seo-jun and Han So-hee team up for the first time for this thriller set in the 1940s, one of the darkest times in Korean history. One of the plotlines to look forward to in this series is Han So-hee’s Yoon Chae-ok and her ability to track down anyone, even the dead. Writer Kang Eun-kyung of “Dr. Romantic” and Director Chung Dong-yoon of “Hot Stove League” will spearhead this mega production.

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