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Here’s why we go to Surplus for all our athletic wear essentials

Here’s why we go to Surplus for all our athletic wear essentials

The one-stop shop offers gears for lifting weights, yoga, and cycling

One self-discovery journey that people have made during the pandemic is that of an active lifestyle. A lot of people turned to yoga for clarity and calmness, others resorted to riding bikes not just to clear head space but also as a means of transportation. A lot of us also started lifting weights or just simply running around the neighborhood more often. 

As much as moving is important, it’s also essential to be in proper gear while doing so. Aside from the support athletic wear gives, especially for the ladies, it’s also important to be in sweat-wicking pieces for proper ventilation and to keep moisture off the skin. 

One-stop shop Surplus offers a number of athletic pieces that you may need whenever working out. Whether you like yoga or pilates, there’s a bunch of shorts and leggings available for men and women. For cycling enthusiasts, there are also bicycles suits to protect wearers from the elements. 

There are also available dri-fit tops, sweatpants, and athletic jackets for everyone who wants to go for a run or a stroll in the park. 

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In addition to these clothing pieces, accessories can be found in Surplus as well Yoga mats are in-store in case you need a new one and chest bags are available to keep your essentials safe and secured whenever you need to take a spin or walk around. 

 See the selections below: 

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