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How to be well-equipped and safe for your next adventure

How to be well-equipped and safe for your next adventure

Merrell shares four tips on how to be trail-ready during the pandemic

One of the most important things to remember especially in these trying times is to reconnect with oneself and nature. With multiple lockdowns happening here and there, some people’s way of coping with anxieties and stresses is to spend time outdoors, away from the city and spend time in greenery. 

One outdoor brand that’s championing in the game of taking on the outdoors is Merrell. A leading outdoor lifestyle brand since 1981, Merrell shares today some useful tips hikers can take advantage of as they take one their next adventure. Here are four ways to make sure your R&R with nature is stress-free, successful, and most of all, safe.

  1. Planning ahead

Checking on LGUs what restrictions they might be enforcing so your group can be prepared once you travel. Last month, Merrell and a select group of hiking enthusiasts made sure to check first with local authorities through an authorized tour group operating in Mabini, Batangas when they embarked on a hike in Mt. Gulugod Baboy. A quick tip is to check the official Facebook page of the local government unit of the destination you’re eyeing for latest updates and contact details.

  1. Having the right gear

Trails are rated with difficulty levels and having the right gear for a particular hike is essential. “A trail rated 2/9 may feel like a 7 or 8 when coupled with rain, fog, or both, as with the case in the recent climb in Mt. Gulugod Baboy. Luckily, the entire hike group was equipped with shoes from Merrell’s new Moab 2 collection—the brand’s OG hiker line,” shares the brand. Merrell released Moab 2, Moab Flight, and Moab Speed supports hikers especially when it gets slippery and muddy on the mountainside. The Flight and Speed models, in particular, are trail runners that are perfect for light hikes. All shoes feature Vibram outsoles which provide maximum traction

MOAB Flight
MOAB Brindle
  1. Packing the essentials

Before, you might think the essentials are trail food, water, headlamps/flashlights, gloves, first aid kits, sun protection, garbage bag and while they still are, you must not forget personal protective equipment like face masks, face shields, biohazard disposable waste bag (for used masks), 70 percent solution alcohol/alcohol–based hand sanitizer, and tissue paper since they are not part of a basic toolkit. 

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  1. Remember to take lots of photos and videos

Now that you’ve passed various LGU requirements, slippery slopes, and unpredictable weather, it’s time to stop, breather, and bask in the view. You’re not always on a mountain top so why not document it so you can have something to look back on and for your friends to get inspiration from. 

Visit Merrell online and on Facebook for more safety tips while you’re exploring the outdoors.

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