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Heritage footwear brand Sperry teams up with Philippine-based artist Kerby Rosanes

Heritage footwear brand Sperry teams up with Philippine-based artist Kerby Rosanes

Featuring a sustainable line of shoes in the state of ‘Utopia’ and ‘Dystopia’

Driven by his love for nature, illustrator Kerby Rosanes translates his affection for environmental issues into his limited-edition collaboration with global footwear brand Sperry.

Featuring Sperry’s sustainable SeaCycled CVO sneaker and Twin Gore slip-on sneaker, the collaboration highlights Kerby’s depiction of the universe through the use of ink, fineliners, and markers to create his intricately detailed art on the pieces. The visuals present marine illustrations of the ideal state of the ocean and a contrasting polluted one due to environmental damage.

“We wanted to feature the beauty of the ocean life and, at the same time, show the things that threaten its existence,” says Kerby. “The final designs represent these worlds as ‘Utopia’ and ‘Dystopia,’ almost mirroring each other at first glance but when seen closely, show the contrasting details and elements from each other. This concept represents how we all enjoy the beauty of our oceans but often neglect to address the problems we created that destroy them.”

His “Utopia” is described to be an ideal world where marine ecosystems thrive, each creature benefiting from each other in a balanced cycle of life. On the other hand, “Dystopia” is a lifeless world where oceans are dead and polluted with human waste.

In line with his vision, Sperry’s SeaCycled footwear are made up of recycled and eco-friendly materials manufactured in a greener manner. Sperry has also a goal that 50 percent of the models they produce will be part of this movement come 2024 as a pledge in reducing environmental impacts.

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Kerby has been an active supporter of several causes including collaborations with World Wildlife Fund, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, and PangeaSeed Foundation since 2018. He has already published 11 illustrated books including The New York Times best-seller, “Animorphia” in 2015, which became available in at least 30 language editions in over 40 countries.

Sperry x Kerby will be available at Sperry retail stores and beginning August 15, 2022. Pieces from the collection will retail for P4,295.

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