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This new running shoe is designed to provide a seamless sprinting experience

This new running shoe is designed to provide a seamless sprinting experience

Step into the future with the all-new Switch FWD

Running is among the most beloved exercise choices, offering benefits like increased stamina, enhanced cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles, and improved bone density. However, incorrect running techniques can lead to injuries. Factors such as the running environment, surface quality, and inadequate running gear must be considered.

This August, Adidas continues its commitment to runners by introducing an exciting innovation. The Switch FWD, a running shoe, aims to unleash the potential of athletes at all levels by propelling them forward with each step.

This new footwear showcases an innovative design process, featuring an Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole with collapsible voids that generate forward momentum from the user’s weight. This EVA material ensures a stable and cushioned transition from the forefoot to the midfoot during forward motion, providing confidence with every stride.

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“We’re always looking at innovative ways to redefine our design processes to bring real benefits to our community–whether they are at the top of the sport, or an everyday runner,” shared Mili Seiffert, global product manager at Adidas running. “While it sounds simple, the ambition to convert weight into forward motion is easier said than done. It’s taken years of testing with athletes of every level to get where we have today. It’s a triumph of innovation, and a testament to our ambition and drive to deliver new running shoe technology.”

Among the other features of the Switch FWD is a lightweight Continental outsole, offering wearers superior traction in diverse weather conditions. Additionally, the shoe boasts a lightweight engineered mesh upper, strategically placed openings on the forefoot and midfoot for enhanced breathability.

The Switch FWD is available in primary white and wonder blue colorways, with a lucid lemon option for men, and primary white and silver violet colorways, accented with lucid lemon details, for women.

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