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WATCH: SB19 shows off how they style ‘Pagsibol’ merch

WATCH: SB19 shows off how they style ‘Pagsibol’ merch

The collection includes t-shirts, patches, and pins

SB19’s first EP “Pagsibol” launched in 2021 still captures the hearts of Filipinos today with the recent release of merchandise ranging from t-shirts to accessories which includes iron-on patches, resin keychains, and pins. 

In a TikTok post from the quintet’s official account, members Pablo, Justin, Stell, Josh, and Ken served up how they would style their latest merch release from their song “Mapa.” Ken started the show-off wearing the resin keychain as part of his boots. After him, Josh made the keychain a part of his necklace as a pendant while Josh layered the black and white tee while wearing the keychain as part of his choker. Stell opted to stylize the black “Mapa” t-shirt with patches and pins while Pablo used the white “Mapa” tee under an overshirt also with pins and patches. 

@officialsb19 #SB19 ♬ original sound – SB19 Official

Aside from “Mapa” merch, fans can also find “Pagsibol” photobook and posters on their official store as well as “What” pins and patches. The song “Mapa,” which was a tribute to mothers and fathers, was released May 16, 2021 while their hit song “What?” was released March 9 of the same year.  

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For more details about the merch, click here.

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