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Shine bright in Arao’s gender-fluid pearl jewelry collection

Shine bright in Arao’s gender-fluid pearl jewelry collection

Arao presents ‘Sikat’ and ‘Sinag’ 

From Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Maluma, and BTS, these entertainment giants have paved the way to reimagine the once “grandma accessory” known as the pearl necklace as one of the biggest trends in jewelry for the past year. 

With fresh takes on how to wear this treasured gem of the ocean, Arao developed a line that celebrates pearls and genderless jewelry. “Sikat and Sinag necklace explores future-forward ways of wearing strings of pearls. Baroque Keishi pearls, prized for its unparalleled luster, were the choice gem for these fluid core styles,” explains the brand. “Strung as a solitary gem (as seen on Sikat) or together with a colored gemstone at the center (on Sinag), these contemporary keepsakes were crafted to allow the uniqueness of every Araw individual from the entire gender spectrum to shine through.”


Aside from the pearls, other fluid core pieces from the Hong Kong-based brand include scarves designed in collaboration with artist and style icon Jo Ann Bitagcol. The Alchemy by Arao X Bitagcol features images shot alongside the brand’s iconic South Sea pearls digitally printed on 24×24 inches satin silk scarves. 

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“This biggest trend celebrates contemporary and everyday wearables that offer a jolt of fresh personality. Arao embraces this blending of the masculine and the feminine because it means inclusion, unification and independent thinking,” says Mirabel Rosar, Arao’s founder and CEO. With this, existing classic styles of Arao like Andrea, Lucia, and Zoe earrings have also been reimagined as genderless staples of the brand. 

In Manila, Arao is available at AC+632, 2/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati.

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