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WATCH: Jeremy Allen White strips down for Calvin Klein

WATCH: Jeremy Allen White strips down for Calvin Klein

Will we see him wearing this t-shirt on ‘The Bear’?

In July, Jeremy Allen White, also known as Carmen Berzatto from the hit TV series “The Bear,” made headlines for donning an expensive white t-shirt from the high-end German brand Merz B. Schwanen and the Japanese-made Whitesville t-shirt. Recently, the actor has once again become a viral sensation for his newest endorsement with the heritage brand Calvin Klein.

For Calvin Klein’s spring 2024 video campaign, Jeremy began by walking the streets of New York in a white tank top and shorts, eventually removing them while climbing up a rooftop. He then stripped down to his white Calvin Klein undies, flexing his body against the backdrop of the New York skyline as he settled comfortably on a couch.

In behind-the-scenes footage, when asked about his initial feelings upon seeing some of the footage, he revealed having reservations at first. “It feels crazy. I don’t feel like I belong up here,” shared Jeremy. “But they did the mock-up so quickly, and I was looking at it, and I went, oh! Yeah. If I saw that on the subway, I wouldn’t look twice. I look like I belong, I think.”

As for Calvin Klein, the brand declared that Jeremy looked iconic in his Calvin Klein underwear.

The images for the campaign were captured by photographer Mert Alas, who also shot campaign photographs of Aaron Taylor Johnson and Michael B. Jordan for the same brand.

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Featured image source: Calvin Klein’s Instagram account

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