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We found the perfect frames from homegrown brand The Golden Ratio

We found the perfect frames from homegrown brand The Golden Ratio

Meet Euclid, Archimedes, Galileo, and Leavitt 

Our next store feature is a little bit scientific. Don’t go if Science and Math aren’t your favorite topics though, you just have to be into eyewear so you can appreciate The Golden Ratio.

Believe it or not, The Golden Ratio came about with the founder’s love for premium eyewear. Kyle Dionisio, founder of The Golden Ratio, decided to put up a business that focuses on quality products that can compete with brands locally and abroad. 

“The idea of starting The Golden Ratio came about when I ordered my first pair of frames from an online store that shipped out from abroad and took around two weeks to arrive. I realized that there aren’t many premium eyewear brands that sell online locally, so after that first purchase, I decided to start the business knowing that I’m not the only one that would want more options to choose from that deliver quality products. I couldn’t afford branded frames so the choices were limited to what frames were affordable and at the same time of quality without any compromise,” Kyle shares. 

And Kyle is right, not only does the Philippines need more options for quality and affordable eyewear, but one with an exciting concept too! “I chose The Golden Ratio as the name for my brand because it is a template for symmetrical perfection; it’s a natural phenomenon that exists anywhere and everywhere. And when applied to design, it creates a natural, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing composition,” Kyle says. 

The Golden Ratio offers frames that are made from Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, cold-rolled steel, and nickel-free copper. The brand’s lenses are also 100 percent replaceable to sunglasses or proper prescription or even both because they offer clip-ons, switching clear to tinted lenses with just one go. 

In this exclusive, we caught up with Kyle about the brand’s wide range of frames, the Greek references, the story behind the brand’s username @two.three.five.eight, and what frames best suit types of face shapes. Read through our chat below: 

Kindly explain the @two.three.five.eight username.

The name of Instagram @page two.three.five.eight comes from a portion of the Fibonacci Sequence which goes 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, and so on, and is again closely interconnected with the concept of The Golden Ratio. It is also the standard price for a majority of the frames, except as to the titanium frames which costs more to produce.

Tell us more about the Greek references for the brand.

I chose to name the frames after prominent mathematicians, astronomers, and scientists such as Archimedes, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Marie Curie because The Golden Ratio is, after all, a scientific and mathematical discovery. And in a way that’s our way of paying tribute.

How did the idea of clip-ons come about?

In my opinion, clip-ons are the cherry on top. It’s an option for people with prescription lenses to wear sunglasses at the same time and still actually see. It also makes our eyeglasses more versatile whether you’re at home, at the office, or at the beach, all it takes is just one clip. Not to mention how luxe it looks compared to ordinary sunglasses or shades.

What are your best-sellers? Any recommendations from your collections? 

Our best-sellers are Euclid, Archimedes, Galileo, and Leavitt.

Euclid is one of our fit-all frames that suit a majority of face shapes and sizes. It is primarily a square frame with soft edges making it appear rounder in other angles. It features vertical two-dot rivets on a thin but hefty rim and tapered temples to help bring attention to the eyes.

Archimedes is one of our more exciting frames because of its unique angular design. This frame more often than not becomes a favorite of our customers since it looks and feels good to wear. Stylish and comfortable, Archimedes is a frame for keeps. This frame, surprisingly, has been an object of theft on three different occasions from three different customers that reported to us that it was stolen when they left it unattended. So customers should definitely keep an eye on them!

Leavitt is the smallest frame in our collections. Similar to Archimedes, it screams sophistication and wit. It is a slim fitting frame perfect for narrower faces. This frame is one of the reasons why we want to build a physical store ASAP because once this frame fits, it sits.

Galileo is the first frame we released. It’s a frame that will stand the test of time for its classic and bold look. Galileo is also the only frame in our collections that features the unique goat-eye rivets, most commonly seen in eyeglasses worn by American Actor James Dean. It is a median fitting frame with a generous amount of premium acetate.

We always tell our customers not to decide based on face shape guides but rather on frames that suit their personal preferences. What’s important is that the eyeglasses they wear make them feel comfortable and confident. Every frame has a personality of its own, and customers are drawn to frames that are able to project that personality.

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