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EXCLUSIVE: Meet fashion designer du jour Kelvin Morales

EXCLUSIVE: Meet fashion designer du jour Kelvin Morales

The fashion designer breaks down his brand’s DNA

“At an early age, I would play with dolls and sketch dresses already,” shares Kelvin Morales when asked what’s his earliest memory of designing. It’s actually admirable to hear someone say so confidently and so clearly what his childhood dreams were and made those dreams actually come true. 

As the creative director and designer behind his namesake label, Kelvin is heavily influenced by icons Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen. The 25-year-old designer shares the turning point of what made him what he is today saying, “When the music video for Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ came out, I saw it. I was not really open to avant-garde aesthetics, but then something in my soul triggered to create the more unusual things after watching the video.” 

On this exclusive, we touched on some of his personal favorites in his entire collection, signature aesthetics, and current collection called “Hazard Blue.” Read through our chat below: 

What are you most proud of about your brand’s DNA?

Our Moth Embroidery with care label and definitely our modern barongs.

Which of your collections are you most proud of and why? 

I think it’s my first runway show, called “Dance in the Dark,” because it expanded my limitations and creativity to explore different materials, like silicone, rubber, and acrylic glass.

Can you tell us more about your “Hazard Blue” collection? What’s the inspiration behind this collection?

“Hazard Blue” is about future dystopia. At present, I have studied and observed that people are getting genetically deformed because of toxic chemical exposure. I took inspiration from that concept and translated it through pieces with futuristic tailoring and semi-rugged appeal.

This questions our actions as causes for this current pandemic and other calamities we are experiencing. I want to ultimately bring light and consciousness to the toxic waste and pollution brought about by our careless mindset.

What are the key pieces in this collection?

The Embroidered Modern Barong and water repellent protection pieces.

Do you have an all-time favorite piece from all of your creations?

The Slime Dress which is made from silicone rubber. I wanted to emulate the dripping slime effect

What do you think is your signature style as a designer?

Balance and proper usage of design elements.

Photographer: Joseph Bermúdez
Hair and Make up: Jemore Wilson
Set Design: John Robert Nogoy

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