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EXCLUSIVE: Jensen Gomez takes us for sonic trip with his latest EP ‘Phases Vol. 3’

EXCLUSIVE: Jensen Gomez takes us for sonic trip with his latest EP ‘Phases Vol. 3’

The artist talks about his new tracks, inspirations, and future plans 

Last October 2021, Jensen dropped the second EP with his album “Phases Vol. 2.” A month later, the musician intensified the album offering with another installment, “Phases Vol. 3.” 

Just like previous drops, this incoming EP will also have three tracks but as the second EP focused more on his struggles on becoming a musician, the latest volume puts emphasis on pursuing his dreams of becoming one. “The songs on it come from my past life, I guess. Since I was able to reflect thoroughly during the whole process of making the album,” shares Jensen. “From being a young 21-year-old musician ‘chasing’ the dream, but the dream is a bitch, to being happy and not wanting to let go of it, and to me just begging the universe to let me in again.”

“The full ‘Phases’ album will have a narrative where it all takes place within a podcast episode. Along with commercial breaks and banters in between some of the tracks. As I take the listeners on my journey through all the different phases of my life. From being solo, being with The Flips, to Memphiis, and everything that happened in between,” he adds. 

On this exclusive, Jensen walked us through the EP that rounds up the full album. The musician also shared his inspirations, his favorite track, and what can we look forward to him as the head A&R for their start-up record label, Off the Record PH. Read through below:

What can we look forward to on “Phases Vol. 3”? Can you let us in on the tracks?

The track “BMF” features three artists: Earl of Manila, Carlo Mesina, and Seonna. It’s my first time doing that for a track. It’s tricky to have four people and find a spot in a song to highlight them. But I think we kind of pulled it off.  For “Another Day” and “Let me in,” it’s just all me on them. To balance things out I guess. 

What are your inspirations for this EP?

In terms of the music and the vibe of the songs, the EP is inspired by Gym Class Heroes, Snoop Dogg, Tom Misch, and Maroon 5. Jumping to different genres a bit. But I promise that it will all make sense when you hear the album! 

How can your listeners relate to these latest tracks?  

“BMF” is very dance-y but also has that feeling of something bad is going to happen. There’s a bit of danger just lurking around. But you’re good. You’re drunk and you’re dancing. 

“Another Day” is light and free, in full contrast to “BMF” where you’ll feel like you’re in the city at night. This one feels like driving far away from the city. Sun’s up, window’s down, running the minimum speed limit. 

“Let Me In” is back to reality after the trip, realizing that you’re not welcome anymore. As you sit outside, it’s starting to rain, zooms out, cross dissolves to black. Roll credits. Laughter

Do you have a favorite track? 

Hard to pick because they are all my children. But I think I’ll go with “Let Me In.” It’s a song that I didn’t expect to write. But when you open yourself up for such a journey, sometimes you get rewarded by the universe with a song like this.

Aside from this EP, what else can fans look forward to from you in the near future? 

A bunch of videos, and the full “Phases” LP early next year. I really can’t wait to share this to the world. It’s a project that I have worked on for more than two years now and it’s going to be three years when I finish all the releases for it. Quite a roller coaster feeling but making all of it from my childhood bedroom turned into a studio. 

Each track on “Phases Vol. 3” will be released every Friday of November 2021 starting on the 12th.

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