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Saucony forwards sustainability with release of Jazz Court RFG

Saucony forwards sustainability with release of Jazz Court RFG

The shoe is ecological and inclusive

More and more people are starting to support brands who are aware of social and environmental issues. And with over 120 years in business, Saucony takes a step forward into a more sustainable future with the release of the Saucony Jazz Court RFG. 

Case in point: The sneaker boasts of zero plastic usage. Also, they say that crafting the footwear only uses seven natural and eco-friendly materials of cotton, jute, wool, rubber, wood, gardenia, and beet. “The black and green colors of this style are made using one additional natural dye each: gallnut for the black and mulberry leaf for the green. It’s proof that good things take time, and that we’re in this thing for good,” the brand adds. 

Saucony Jazz Court RFG in green
Saucony Jazz Court RFG in natural
Saucony Jazz Court RFG in black

Aside from the shoe itself that was made with less energy and chemicals, the packaging is also sustainable. The shoes are boxed in 100 percent recyclable cardboard with no ink label, no paper stuffing, and just embossed branding. 

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To know more about these sustainable sneakers, visit Saucony’s website.

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