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Retro Revival: Vintage-inspired sunglasses for your summer look

Retro Revival: Vintage-inspired sunglasses for your summer look

The ‘1969’ collection will take you back in time

From Mod fashion to Beatlemania, the ’60s was an era of bold style, vibrant makeup, and activism. If you’re feeling nostalgic for those iconic times, get ready to groove with Sunnies Studios’ latest collection, the “1969”

Drawing inspiration from the retro charm of the era, the brand has unveiled a line of sunglasses that pays homage to the fashion trends of the swinging ’60s where vintage meets modern in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors.

Indulge in oversized rectangular frames, round lenses, bow-shaped glasses, and sleek pilot and square frames—all reminiscent of the iconic eyewear of the era. Whether you’re channeling your inner Twiggy or going for that John Lennon vibe, there’s a pair of sunnies in this collection to suit every retro-loving soul.

Reese, Liv, and Brooke

Dive into a palette of creamy Cashmere, tangy Suede, and seaweed-inspired Viper as you explore the first sunglass model, Liv, boasting an oversized rectangle frame that screams ’60s chic. Then, get ready to turn heads with Brooke and Reese, featuring rounded and bow-shaped frames, respectively.

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Eleanor, Daria, and Astrid

You can also elevate your optical game with Astrid’s tubular pilot frame, Eleanor’s oversized tubular square frame, and Daria’s rounded tubular frames—all in a range of earthy hues like Ale, Basil, and Julep.

The brand is also dropping a capsule of summer merch on March 18, 2024. From a breezy mesh bag to a chic raffia visor, a stylish scarf and chain combo, and a must-have travel kit—this collection has everything you need to make a splash this summer.

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