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Here are the most iconic TV moments of your favorite Kardashian fam

Here are the most iconic TV moments of your favorite Kardashian fam

Catch the final season of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ on Hayu

The iconic Kardashian reality show is in its last season and one of the best ways to celebrate the closing of a chapter is to take a look back at the most entertaining, exciting, and touching episodes.

Hayu, the premier video streaming platform, sat down with one of the executive producers of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Farnaz Farjam, where she spilled some tea on what happens when the cameras are rolling even behind closed doors. Farnaz shared memories on their last trip as a family and who was having the hardest time now that the show has come to an end.

“We obviously do a lot of episodes that are nostalgic because the show is coming to an end. And I think the family and the crew were feeling it a lot. We did a final family trip – we ended up only going to Lake Tahoe because of the pandemic. There’s a lot of great memories, there’s a small peek into Kim entering into a new chapter in her life; we celebrate a lot of people’s birthdays – we were filming at the time that Kris Jenner, Kendall, Kim and Caitlyn all have a birthday around the same window of time. I think Scott has probably had the hardest time with the show coming to an end, and we get to witness that. There’s a lot to still unpack,” she shared. 

Farnaz also told Hayu who in the Kardashian-Jenner clan is the most fun to film, the most thoughtful, and the family member who likes to be filmed the most and the least. Relive the show’s best moments below: 

Did you imagine that the series would run for an impressive 20 seasons?

I kind of did. By season eight, me and Kim used to joke that we wanted to see season 20 – and we did! 

We know that Andy Cohen is hosting a Kardashian reunion for the finale. But what can we expect in the very last episode of KUWTK?

The very last episode shows the family closing this chapter in their lives. They each pick a moment that was special to them and they tell us why, and then the final curtain drops.

In episode seven of KUWTK season 20, we saw the announcement of the family to end the show. How was this moment? What did you feel during the speech?

I was really nervous, as I knew the weekend prior. I had been there since day one, frame one, and a lot of the crew had been there for eight to ten years, and most of them for at least five years. Everyone had worked so well together, so the end of the show was also like breaking up the band in a way. 

In the TV industry, it’s very freelance but with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” it wasn’t because it was the show that just kept getting picked up over and over again. Everyone had been working together for so long and it had become such a well-oiled machine. The crew was family, too. 

So, I knew the speech was going to happen, and we were going to notify the crew and I was just overwhelmed with emotion, thinking of how everyone’s little work family was going to have to break up a little bit. Obviously, a lot of the people will work together again on other shows, but it was emotional.

During all seasons, which moment was the most memorable to film? Most fun?

One of my most memorable moments was Kris Jenner’s lip moment. She didn’t want to film because she had a swollen lip. But she understood that we were on a family vacation and that’s what was happening to her and she kind of just needed to roll with it, and she did. I mean there’s so many episodes I love.

The season just after Kim had gotten a divorce, and we wanted her to have fun again. So, she did all those things where she would wear all the crazy wigs and just be playful and super lighthearted. 

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Which Kardashian loves being in front of the camera the most?

I would probably say Kim. 

And the least?  

I would say Kylie likes to film the least, but she’s actually way more present in the final season—probably because it was season 20 and it was coming to an end. If you think about the last few family trips that we did, Kylie was missing—but she came for this one, and she was definitely way more present this season.

How about the most touching/thoughtful? 

I would say Kim always gets the most thoughtful presents for her family. Khloe is always the most thoughtful when it comes to the crew. Khloe does really nice things for the crew. One of our film producers, after filming in South Africa, had to go to hospital and he got hit with a $15k medical bill, and he was stressed out, and Khloe just wrote him a cheque. 

What’s the best piece of advice that the family has given or taught you?

They have taught me to have tough skin, too. Because I’ve been with them for so long, they tend to talk to me the same way they talk to each other, and it has taught me to have tough skin and to recognise that it’s not personal.

Catch all 20 seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Hayu

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