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Milk tea lovers, this Taiwanese shop is your new summer go-to

Milk tea lovers, this Taiwanese shop is your new summer go-to

Cheers to Frotea and its CEO Ana Lustre Malijan

Heads up: If your taste buds prefer authentic and quality Taiwanese milk tea that is budget-friendly, then we’ve got the right tea shop for you—Frotea. 

Frotea has been catering to milk tea patrons since September 2012, and with its wide range of milk tea, fruit tea, and cheesecake drink mixes, the brand will surely be your next go-to destination whenever you’re craving for a refreshing drink. 

Not only does Frotea offer quality drinks, its founder Engr. Ana Lustre-Malijan’s determination and drive to reach her dreams serve as inspiration too! Ana’s family business did not include the food and beverage industry but because of her dreams in becoming an entrepreneur herself, she decided to open up Frotea in Palawan back in 2012. 

After six years of thriving in Puerto Princesa, Ana took the plunge of expanding her business, going outside the province, and making smarter decisions. She started importing ingredients directly from Taiwan and began to open the business to franchising. 

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Frotea CEO Ana Lustre Malijan

“If I hadn’t been hands-on with Frotea for six years, I wouldn’t have been able to build a franchise system where we can duplicate operations,” Ana shared. “We would just be like any other start-up doing trial and error with our franchisees relying on us.”

Ana’s drive to grow and sustain her business is something future entrepreneurs can look up to. From her humble beginnings in Palawan, Frotea is now operating 22 shops all over Visayas and Metro Manila. 

She also shared another insight on how to make it: “Passion alone isn’t enough. Dedication plays an equally essential role in succeeding. You have to continuously create value for your product.” 

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