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Breaking Barriers: New Converse All Stars film campaign highlights Filipino pride

Breaking Barriers: New Converse All Stars film campaign highlights Filipino pride

More than just a global footwear brand, Converse has always believed in forwarding the pulse of the youth and amplifying their voices to reach a wider audience. Offering a timely take on breaking down barriers for all as we navigate difficult times, Converse Philippines unveils its latest All Stars, a group of young Filipino incubators of creativity and culture, with a new campaign “Breaking Barriers.” 

As the world changes given the current crisis, more and more challenges have risen up to slow down progress and diversification in communities. To spread more awareness in getting individual voices heard, the All Star Team of Converse is once again uniting to help change the game and break free from social injustice. 

“We wanted to work with Filipino All Stars who have broken barriers in their respective fields like fashion, art, sports, and the like,” says Converse Philippines exclusively to Garage. “It’s a mix of high level influencers and our current Converse All Star community members, unified in sending the message of diversity and inclusion.”

The brand enlists rising musician Timmy Albert, volleyball star player Pauline Gaston, social media star and activist Dora Dorado, multimedia artist and student Garren Jersey Evangelista, basketball Rookie aspirant David Murrell, Garage cover girl and primetime teen actress Kyline Alcantara, and none other than actress, beauty queen, and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, Pia Wurtzbach. 

“Resilience. I think the beauty of resilience is not just picking yourself up after chaos, rebuilding what is broken, and smiling. But [also] in the thought that you overcame this, you learned something about it, and you will never forget it,” says Kyline. “Start change by applying it to yourself and your household, then apply it outside of your home and everything will follow. Be the best example especially to the youngsters.”

For Timmy, change must echo through all channels. ”As a student and artist, the steps to break down barriers start with the platform and voice we are gifted with,” he shares. “Speaking up is a start and cannot be understated. The platforms that we have can be utilized as an opportunity—to bring the Filipino people together.”

Breaking her own barriers, Pia best exemplifies the Filipino spirit of uplifting each other in these challenging times. “The biggest barrier I’ve had to overcome is finding my own voice and reaching my full potential. I think it’s a challenge that we all go through and so I’ve made it my goal to inspire others to also reach for their dreams by working hard, staying disciplined, inspiring others and being kind to one another,” she ends. 

Watch the Converse All Stars “Breaking Barrier” campaign below:

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