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#ShoppingHack: 3 ways to fit into jeans without actually fitting them

#ShoppingHack: 3 ways to fit into jeans without actually fitting them

Going out of the house during this pandemic is still a risk even with PPEs available, that’s why it’s still advised that you get in and out as fast as you can when you go to the mall.

We came across this TikTok entry that will be useful when buying new jeans. This entry, which was sourced from the TV show Wake Up Nigeria, presents ways on how to fit into jeans without the hassle of going to the changing rooms to actually fit them. By doing this, you save time and lessen exposure to viruses.

The segment talks about how you can fit the length, the waistline, and cuffs of the jeans while only using your arms and hands. You can watch the video here:

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We broke down the presentation into these three key points:

1. Measuring the length

Spread the leg panels of the jeans with your left and right arms sideways. When the panels are as long as your left to right arms when stretched, it means the length of the pants will sit perfectly on your waist to your ankles.

2. Measuring the waist

To know if the waist of the jeans fit you, measure the circumference of the buttoned jeans with your forearm. If your forearm fits perfectly from side to side, it means the waistline will also fit you just fine.

3. Measuring the cuffs

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If you think your ankles won’t fit the cuffs of the jeans, especially skinny jeans, make a fist and try inserting your fist through the cuffs. If it goes through, this means your foot and ankle will also fit through the cuffs.

Extra tip: To keep your jeans from fading, put some salt while you wash your jeans. This will keep the colors of the jeans from bleeding.


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