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Cop this drop: Workpants to add to your rotation this season

Cop this drop: Workpants to add to your rotation this season

From woodwork spaces to street fashion

A lot of trends in fashion have been inspired by work uniforms and one silhouette that’s currently being appreciated by many is the carpenter pants style. We get the hype around the utility piece not only because it’s practical but for that effortless rugged vibe it provides the wearer.

Personally, my earliest memory of work pants was in the ‘90s. The multi-pocketed pants have had a moment in every kid’s and teen’s wardrobe thanks to the hip-hop scene and R’n’B musicians who served as style icons on MTV.

As we all know, trends come, go, and most of the time they do return. Now, workwear is having another resurgence as designers and big brands bring workwear back to their racks. For this roster, we rounded up some of the best work pants in the market. These pieces are still rocking that nonchalant flare but edged up with today’s trends. From corduroy work pants to pieces with contrasting stitches, here’s a list of work pants drop to cop this season.

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Wide-leg cargo pants with contrast stitches, Bershka, P2,495
Carpenter trousers with pocket, Zara, P3,295
Utility Twill trousers, H&M, P3,290
Heritage patchwork organic pants, Lacoste, P6,950
Adjustable hem pocket pants, Dickies, P4,498
Oatmeal Corduroy Carpenter Pants, Yitai, $120

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