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We’re Obsessing Over: Everything about Sam Smith’s “How Do You Sleep?” music video

We’re Obsessing Over: Everything about Sam Smith’s “How Do You Sleep?” music video

Once or 80 times in our lives, we have been lied to, most probably even more than we’d like to admit. And it somehow feels comforting to hear about other people experiencing the same. In my case, this covers singing along to a song and sometimes (a.k.a. almost all of the time) posting its music video link online as an indirect way of exposing the “liar.”

This 2019, I have found the perfect song (and dance) to express my desolation over dishonesty. Sam Smith‘s latest single “How Do You Sleep?” talks about the journey towards the end of a relationship, including all the questionable things that were done that led to its demise and the hope for an emotional and psychological revenge that can take over one’s mind (usually the dumpee’s). Some of the lyrics that really hit me were:

Love to you is just a game

How do you sleep when you lie to me?

I hope my love will keep you up tonight

How did I manage to lose me? I am not this desperate, not this crazy. 

Look what I’ve done, dialing up the numbers on you/ I don’t want my heart to break, baby

But while watching the single’s music video, as I held back my tears and listened to these penetrating lyrics, I got a little distracted by how sexy and sassy the dance steps are (kudos to choreographer Parris Goebel). Seeing Smith set himself loose through dance is also a little liberating and made all that voguing and hip-swaying even more appealing. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I appreciate a song more when I see an accompanying visuals. Smith standing and dancing atop a cage that holds a man inside? Gives more meaning to the lyrics. As I watched the MV for the eighth time on the day it was released, I realized through other people’s tweets that I’m not the only one who had been possessed. I guess there are plenty of us who are patiently waiting for the backlash of karma to hit all the lying liars in the world LOL.


This is the best one so far though

As for how I sleep? Maybe I’ll fall asleep and dream again of doing that fierce choreography.

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