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From medieval millennials to the War of the Roses: A closer look at the fashion served at Garage’s Street Dapper Kings 2018: The 10th Anniversary Ball

From medieval millennials to the War of the Roses: A closer look at the fashion served at Garage’s Street Dapper Kings 2018: The 10th Anniversary Ball

When an invitation arrives at your doorstep (or inbox) and the dress code says “Modern Medieval Millennial,” what do you wear?

For Garage Magazine‘s Street Dapper Kings 2018, they pulled on their own stylish armor that’s flavored by their personalities and their passions. There were coats and jackets aplenty, but hardly anyone resorted to basic black.

Actor Ruru Madrid, as dressed by designer Ziggy Savella, was in a sleek blue velvet jacket with gray lapels that matched his pants.
Fashion photographer BJ Pascual bucked the dress code by pairing a long jacket by Proudrace with slouchy The_Edit pants and hiking-ready Balenciaga shoes.
Musician Jason Dy’s black turtleneck top and slacks made the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous Botticelli-esque print of his Jhay Layson jacket.
Food blogger and pastry chef Christian Jacobs was decked in an impeccable Francis Libiran suit, with its bright red piping and checkered lapels highlighting the outfit’s clean lines.
For racer Marlon Stockinger, nothing beats his own wardrobe staples: A white shirt, black skinny jeans, and a leather jacket.
Looking ready to stake his claim in a game of thrones was director Gino Santos, wearing a Paulo Lazaro suit and cape.
This year’s best-dressed man, actor Alden Richards was a standout in a white jacket, as styled by Maita Baello and Melville Sy of Qurator Studio.

For the runway show, designers Jerome Lorico, Francis Libiran, and Michael Cinco turned the Tent City of The Manila Hotel into a fashion court where representatives from different kingdoms came to throw down for a fall/winter presentation.

Designers Francis Libiran, Michael Cinco, and Jerome Lorico. The fashion show was directed by SAGA Events’ Robbie Carmona.

Lorico’s pieces were very English-inspired. Models looked like Tudor courtiers in their long coats of black and red velvet, cinched in with high-collared lace-up bodices. Some came with a dark floral print that also made an appearance in the more modern-looking pieces.

Libiran, meanwhile, played on logomania by creating patterns with the FL emblem on his luxe casual pieces and lounge wear. His collection was also a study on proper layering, one that doesn’t end up looking overdone.

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As for Cinco, he dressed up the multi-faceted globetrotter in both slouchy streetwear looks and smart suits that come in a mostly dark palette, albeit relieved by some sparkle and the colors of fall in a detailed pattern. Fabrics such as velvet and fur added decadence to the collection.

Photographer: Noel Pabalate

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