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Get the Look: How to wear jeans with any style, at any time of the day

Get the Look: How to wear jeans with any style, at any time of the day

Though they’ve been around since the late 19th century, we continue to find new ways of wearing denim jeans. Their utilitarian purpose hasn’t changed, making them essential to anyone’s wardrobe, yet they’re also one of the most versatile fashion pieces around.

Because of their dedication to providing LifeWear to everyone, Uniqlo continues to innovate this fashion staple. From their regular jeans to their latest line of soft-as-sweatpants EZY jeans, the Japanese brand combines fabric technology, timeless design, and some fresh twists to create denim pieces that can be worn “for every moment.” Utilitarian, comfortable, stylish—you can wear any pair literally 24 hours a day.

No matter your personal style, there’s a perfect denim for you with the variety of styles that Uniqlo jeans come in. Let our Get the Look cheat sheet guide you.



6 a.m.: Active athleisure

Inspiration: Jaden Smith. EZY denim jeans, P1,990. AIRism mesh V-neck sleeveless top, P590. Pocketable parka, P1,490. Knit light sneakers, P1,490. Cotton twill cap, P990. All items available at Uniqlo.

Turn the streets into the gym and be ready to break out in improv parkour moves in an ultra-comfortable pair of EZY jeans. Keep the discomfort of city humidity and the stink of sweat at bay with a lightweight sleeveless AIRism top, but be prepared for any sudden weather change with an equally lightweight parka that you can easily roll up and stash in your pocket. A cap and a pair of comfy knit shoes can finish off the look.


9 a.m.: Cool minimalist

Inspiration: Henry Golding. EZY skinny fit color jeans, P1,490. U extra fine Merino crew neck sweater, P1,990. Kando jacket, P2,990. Knit light sneakers, P1,490. Boston bridge sunglasses, P290. all items available at Uniqlo.

Cop this cool-to-the-eyes monotone look to wear on an easy Sunday morning—to a sunny al fresco brunch with her folks, perhaps? Pair a pullover and a Kando jacket with a pair of EZY skinny fit color jeans in beige for a well thought out but still laidback look.


3 p.m.: Street smart and sharp

Inspiration: Michael B. Jordan. Regular fit jeans, P1,990. UT JUMP 50th short-sleeved graphic t-shirt, P590. Pile-lined sweat full-zip hoodie, P1,490. Denim jacket, P1990. All items available at Uniqlo.

Even if you like the comfort of a plain tee and a hoodie, you can still look sharp enough to dash out of the office for a coffee break with a denim jacket and a pair of regular fit jeans that come in a similar wash. It’s the kind of denim-on-denim look that’s totally appropriate as an urban uniform.


7 p.m.: Rock ‘n’ roller

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Inspiration: Nick Jonas. Slim fit damaged jeans, P1,990. Faux leather double-breasted jacket, P2,990. Open-collar shirt, P990. Teardrop sunglasses, P290. All items available at Uniqlo.

For the cool and easygoing rocker in you, pair your pre-requisite leather jacket with regular selvedge damaged jeans. Just throw on the jacket after work before heading out to a first date. Bonus points if said date is at a music gig, and you’d be the one performing onstage.


10 p.m.: Transatlantic trendinista

Inspiration: Kim Soo Hyun. EZY jeans, P1,990. Long-sleeved sweat zip-up hoodie, P1,490. U wool-blended Chesterfield coat, P7,990. Wool cashmere cap, P990. Knit light sneakers, P1,490. Backpack, P1,490. All items available at Uniqlo.

Traveling comfortably doesn’t mean compromising your style, especially when choosing what to wear during the flight. Throw on a hoodie and pair it with the stretchy and soft-as-sweatpants EZY jeans so you’d be cozy in your seat despite delays and long-haul flights. Layer on a coat for extra stylish protection from the weather (and the air-conditioning) and finish the look with a cap to conceal the bedhead or no-shampoo-for-two-days look, no matter what timezone you’re in.




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