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Be A Part of the First-Ever Interactive BL Series, Kumusta Bro?

Be A Part of the First-Ever Interactive BL Series, Kumusta Bro?

Starring PBB Otso alum Sky QuizonBidaman winner Kristoff Garcia, Star Music artist RJ Agustin, and commercial model Allen CecilioKumusta Bro? is a series about old friends who get reunited through a livestream app, rediscovering how it is to fall in love online. Firestarters Productions and Kumu are joining forces to release the first ever interactive digital series streamed live straight from the houses of the actors. This BL (Boy Love) series is an original creation of TV and film director Real Florido, who is known for his award-winning film 1st Ko Si 3rd and his original digital series Ampalaya Chronicles on iWant under Firestarters Productions. Working with him is the seasoned GMA TV writer, Wiro Michael Ladera, who has written for projects such as The Half Sisters, Destiny Rose, Meant to Be, The Stepdaughters, and Prima Donnas.

There are many reasons why Kumusta Bro? is not like any other series. First, it is the first live series where the audience can interact with the characters of the story. Second, the audience has the power to help shape the story. Third, it is the first ever series to use a livestream app as the main platform. With this kind of setup, it is sure to give an out-of-the-ordinary experience to audiences, especially to BL fans.

Kumu, the app through which the series will be streamed, is a powerful social media platform that has never been content with sticking to the status quo. While the livestreaming app has opened doors for networking, it has also presented endless opportunities for Filipino artists to showcase their talents by extending the limits of creativity.

In the past, Kumu has explored the realm of digital entertainment through its gameshows and Social TV. These segments have brought hours of amusement and enjoyment straight to the screens of millions of Filipinos. However, Angelo Mendez, one of the co-founders of Kumu and head of Social TV, knows that there is still so much untapped potential. “We want Filipino creators, production houses, studios to push the boundaries of what livestreaming can be – and we want Kumu to be the home for this content,” he said. While there is still a long way to go, the upcoming project Kumusta Bro? will contribute to paving the way for this vision.


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Kumusta Bro? will be available live through Kumu all over the world. A rerun of the livestream can also be seen via Firestarters Studios on Youtube.


Featured image: Courtesy of Sky Quizon/@skyquizon_

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