With large portions of the world still abiding with strict ‘stay-at-home-measures,’ how do people go about carrying on with their day-to-day lives? Answers will vary depending on whom you ask. However, tapping into a musical platform associated with contemporary self-expression is as great a place to start as any. Look no further, here’s february bank for proof.

Formerly known as MNL$ (Manila Money), february bank’s artistic oeuvre is predicated on a kaleidoscope of styles. With witty wordplay as the catalyst to his catalog, he fuels his craft with ample doses of sarcasm and cleverness across a broad range of people’s concerns. february bank’s sound is imbued with a certain sense of accessibility, which does well to carry ideas on society into a realm of possible mass acceptance.

His latest track “bye bye roos” puts his complex word patterns on full blast, with his low-pitched vocal inflections creating its own narrative. The song provides insight into a world bound by struggle, while previewing glimpses of hope for any and all willing to push forward.

Check out his fresh drop centering about the pandemic.