Helping out our community comes in many forms, and we found another artistic venture you might be interested in supporting, especially now with COVID-19 and the growing anti-Asian racism in the United States because of this pandemic. Jan Vincent Gonzales is a New York-based global consultancy focused on developing and promoting Filipino brands and creatives in the global market. As everyone is being challenged by COVID-19, JVG focuses on supporting Filipino creatives more than ever with a donation drive as part of the digital launch of Mercado Vicente, a multidisciplinary creative index with a highly curated selection of Filipino artists all over the world.

The index will serve as a gallery for creatives like illustrators, fashion designers, tattoo artists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, glass artists, painters, and architects, which will act as a portfolio as they build their brand and connections in the industry. The index will also be featuring new creatives every month and will have curations exclusively for Mercado Vicente, which buyers can acquire once they open for commerce.

A peek from featuring works of Valine Brana, Antonio Pastoriza, and Renzo Navarro

If you’re wondering how the digital launch party is going to be like, we got a little word from Jan Vincent Gonzales himself “We’re going to have a DJ playing throughout with a mix specific for the party and most of the artists will be there as well. Even though I’ve been teasing some of their work, all the artists don’t know who is on it with them, so it’ll be a surprise for them too. We’re going to explain the full concept of the website, why we made it, and how it also helps the artists/creatives during this time since we’ll be collecting donations.” All the donations will be gathered from this launch will be distributed to everybody involved specifically for the creatives. “In this time of need, our attention still remains on strengthening and uplifting our community, especially the younger generations who might be taking a leap of faith in a creative career. Hate has no place in the world especially in a crisis. We know that the power of a collective community helps in our effort to make a difference in people’s lives.” JVG adds.

Image from photographer Borgy Angeles

Mercado Vicente’s digital launch will be happening in April 25, 2020, 10am Manila time, to RSVP, you can email You can also make donations to our fellow Filipino creatives through:






Banner Image featuring designs of Christopher Cabalona