Which is more annoying: Receiving an hourly deluge of travel photos on your timeline from someone who likes to proclaim out loud that they’re living their best life, or seeing someone’s vacation pics popping up online when you know damn well they got back home weeks ago? Is #flooding > #latepost?

But that’s a debate for another day. What’s more important right now is finding a way to escape the daily grind so you could actually be somewhere else, preferably in a place that will stir envy among your social media followers. You can be spontaneous in choosing a fresh destination by playing a round of darts with a global map as your target, or you could take any of our suggestions:

Muscat, Oman

The Muttrah Corniche promenade along the Gulf of Oman. Image from La Bonne Vivant.

This place has it all: history, culture, architecture, the sea, the mountains, the desert nearby, and yes, plenty of retail therapy. The coastal town of Muscat is a picturesque combination of Old World design and contemporary comforts, and you’ll never run out of spots to ‘Gram.

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#Muscat the capital city of #Oman, will surely give you the feel of Arabian Nights setting in a modern twist. The city has a special character which is quite different from its neighboring capitals. #BeautyHasAnAddress# ExperienceOman 📷 @Jaber_alhattali #مسقط عاصمة  #عُمان الجميلة تقدم مزيجًا مذهلًا من الخيارات التي تتنوع بين القديم والحديث، حيث تحافظ على لمسات العمارة التقليدية التي تزدان بها السلطنة. ما يجعل منها مدينة لا تشبهها أي مدينة أخرى على المستوى الإقليمي. #عُمان #للجمال_عنوان #اكتشف_عُمان 📷 @Jaber_alhattali

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Visit the bustling Muttrah Souq for a flavor of some local Omani shopping. Find traditional clothes, silver jewellery, spices, dates, Omani halwa, antiques, hand-woven Bedouin carpets, frankincense, souvenirs and much more. 📸 @WorldElse ‏سوق مطرح ''سوق الظلام'' من أكثر الأسواق المفعمة بالحياة في قلب العاصمة مسقط، وهو سوق ذو طابع تراثي أصيل، يلفت نظرك فيه تلك التشكيلة المتنوعة من البضائع التي تكتظ بها ممراته الضيقة وأزقته الملتوية التي تعج بالمتسوقين طيلة أيام العام· 📸 ‎@WorldElse ‎#عُمان ‎#للجمال_عنوان ‎#اكتشف_عُمان #Oman #BeautyHasAnAddress #ExperienceOman

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Discover the best desert experience in Oman by driving to Sharqiyah sands which is just 2 ½ hours away from Muscat. Take a day trip or stay overnight for an amazing desert camping experience. Visit Bedouin camps that can be found along the tracks and trails of the desert to understand the culture and lifestyle. Engage yourself in exciting activities like Sand Boarding, Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Camel Safari and more. 📷: @worldelse #BeautyHasAnAddress #ExperienceOman #Oman اكتشف أفضل تجربة صحراوية في سلطنة عمان من خلال القيادة في رمال الشرقية التي تبعد ساعتين ونصف عن مسقط. يمكنك القيام برحلة نهارية أو الإقامة طوال الليل لتجربة تخييم صحراوية مدهشة. بالإضافة الى زيارة مخيمات البدو التي يمكن العثور عليها على طول مسارات الصحراء لفهم الثقافة ونمط الحياة. اشغل نفسك في أنشطة مثيرة مثل التزلج على الرمال او ركوب الكثبان الرملية او ركوب الدراجات الرباعية او رحلات سفاري الجمال وغيرها. 📷: @worldelse #عُمان #للجمال_عنوان #اكتشف_عُمان

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Petra, Jordan

The initial view of the city of Petra from the Siq slot canyon. Image from Wikimedia.

Boasting monuments that were erected as far back as the 4th century B.C., Jordan is a must-visit for those who had ever dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. Definitely a worthy stop in this country is the UNESCO World Heritage site Petra, with its temples and tombs that have been carved into its rose-colored rocks. Here, millennial pink will never go out of style.


Quito, Ecuador

One of Quito’s charming streets. Image from Ecuatoriano En Vivo.

With its altitude and well-preserved colonial architectures, this UNESCO World Heritage site—the first city to be declared as one—will literally take your breath away.


Galápagos Islands

Here’s another Ecuadorian province, though its charms is like the complete opposite of Quito. The Galápagos Islands serve as both a national park and a biological marine reserve, so if you’ve ever harbored fantasies of playing at being a biologist, then this might just be your kind of paradise.


Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao

We’ve been here, and we highly recommend it still. Seriously. The Philippines doesn’t lack for beautiful spots to go to, and Bukidnon needs to be higher up on everyone’s must-visit list.

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Nature is real, so beautiful and powerful.

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